2021 Season of Lent @BLC

Zoom Services will be accessible to those who intend to join on that platform, and the above scheduled events will simultaneously be streamed LIVE on the BLC YouTube channel as well – https://www.youtube.com/c/BangsarLutheranChurchMalaysia/

The church council has decided, that our services continue to be completely online, until Easter Sunday.

Our 1st Holy Communion Worship Service in a Year!

Last Sunday’s 1st ever BLC online Holy Communion Sunday worship service was special in so many ways. 🙏🙌

There will be many more services like today’s, coming soon. Holy Communion services are the first Sundays of every month (for now); and we will be sending out the details for upcoming services very soon – Ash Wednesday, Lent midweek devotional meetings, and plans for Holy Week. Please look out for upcoming announcements here, as well as on Facebook.

Thank you for everyone who was involved in today’s service, and who attended the live service on Zoom and also via YouTube. ❤

Let us continue to support one another – in prayer, via text, phone calls, video calls, our small group meetings, and on whatever platform comfortable to us individually.

Have a good week, Gong Xi Fa Cai and see you all soon!

Rebooting Church after the MCO

Coming back to The Father’s House for worship services? Check out our basic SOP video! – https://youtu.be/bNk6RJ27ehs

For those returning for physical services – please take note of the detailed SOP here – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cOpXRY-Hm8hwd4JyDTDm_t-K_Nqdyokq_t8l742UIgI/edit?ts=5f04472e#

For pre-registration due to limited seats – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSerMrMOJedZi6ggBeeabKwRE-2gHqoyjeAS5PhoiocXYAMySA/viewform

We’re restarting church, August 9th 2020!

Some guidelines to the BLC Sunday Service:

  1. One ENTRANCE; One EXIT only.
  2. Pre-register online. Deadline by Saturday 6 pm every week.
  3. Wear mask before coming in. No mask, no entry. Masks provided if you don’t have.
  4. Take temperature.
  5. Children below 12 and members 70 and above are discouraged from attending.
  6. Keep social distance.
  7. No shaking hands, hugging, kissing, PDA.
  8. No refreshments.
  9. No mingling. Service over – kindly go out.
  10. Holy Communion (1st Sunday)

A Green Christmas

Please note there is NO service at Bangsar this  coming Sunday 23 December 2018. We are meeting at the Rimba Ilmu for the Green Christmas event at 9.30am.

For more information please contact us at rumahpapa.admin@gmail.com or whatsapp 012-9160809

GE14: Youth and Nation Building in Malaysia

*Talks at RhemaRad.io #72* *[GE14] “The Youths’ Role in Nationbuilding” – Rev Dr Sivin Kit, Debbie YM Loh*

*Listen now:* https://soundcloud.com/rhemaradio/r72a

_*Description:* How do younger Malaysians (between 21-30) view politics in this country? What should they know?

Here are some guiding thoughts._ *//Song:* Beat The System – Be your own *FB:*https://www.facebook.com/rhemarad.10/photos/a.561988924160165.1073741839.102857356739993/612662605759463/?type=3&theater

_Rhema Radio’s mission field is the digital domain. We try to keep shows below 30mins so it’s easy listening on the road. You can partner with us by simply Liking, Commenting & Sharing our weekly podcasts! Consider sowing into this ministry at: http://rhemarad.io/support Thanks!_