BLC’s LiFE Groups are established small groups that meet regularly to build authentic relationships and encourage spiritual growth – to Live iFaith Everyday. We believe sustained life change happens best in the context of caring relationships built on accountability and trust.

In LiFE Groups, we get together to deepen our relationship with God by studying the word and deepen our relationship with each other. We want to encourage each one in their journey in life, pray and care for one another. A place for you to be heard. A place where you will be missed. There is a place for people of all ages, all stages of life and all level of spiritual maturity.

Tuesday Bible Study

Men Empowering Men

Giving Tree

Friday Bible Study

Women Empowering Women

Book Club

CHAOS (Youth)


Bible Study group meets every Tuesday night to study the word together. We are grateful for Pastor Thomas Low’s teaching. After the lesson, there is an opportunity for discussion and application of the word. It enrich our life and help us to apply the word practically.


Come and join us to study the word.

We, MEM(Men Empowering Men), gather together to learn and encourage one another. Now, we gather together and have fellowship physically or via Zoom once in two weeks.

Meets on Fridays, primarily in PJ.

Giving Tree meets weekly over food, snacks and other yummy things for life updates and support in prayer. Occasionally, the group attempts Bible Studies and/or Scripture reading – but it can be challenging with toddlers and children playing nearby. The group see itself primarily as an extended family that tries to be there for each other. It’s a lot of fun and it certainly brings to life in concrete terms on what it means to “Live in Faith Everyday”

If you’re looking for people who are trying hard to live out their faith amidst noisy kids, rushed meals, traffic jams and more… you’re welcome to be a part of Giving Tree.

Ours is a small group facilitated by Davin in our studies. A little background about our group … we started off as a Bible Reading group where we would come together (way before MCO) to just take turns and read the bible aloud. Eventually the group dynamics changed and we felt that perhaps that it is good for us to start to dig deeper into His word and hence the name change to what it is today.


WEW was formed to provide a space for women to come together and encourage one another. It is a safe space where we can share openly without prejudices and pray. Most of our meetings revolve around eating, cooking, short bible studies, exercise, prayer and sharing on current Christian topics that the group wants to learn more about.

We aim to meet every fortnight to discuss a chapter or two, whether over Zoom or over food (in happier times). Currently we’re reading Greg Peters’ The Story of Monasticism. Previous books were Matt Mikalatos’ Imaginary Jesus, Pete Enns’ How the Bible Actually Works, Kester Brewin’s Mutiny, and Diana Butler Bass’ A People’s History of Christianity. We aim to be a safe and respectful space for all opinions, which may result in ruffled feathers.

CHAOS is a safe place for teenagers to interact with one another while learning more about God and his words.

The concept behind 3isEnough, is for individuals with busy schedules, or those who prefer to meet in smaller groups, to still organically meet with a couple of other individuals – to share lives, study the Bible, pray and support one another – over a meal.

This concept is encouraged for those not seeking to be a part of a traditional life/cell group setting. Members and friends of BLC can form these groups on your own, and please let our pastor and council members know that you are meeting!

We would love to know that you are staying connected, accountable for each other, and are supported.

Start a LiFE Group?

Just like 3isEnough, if members and friends of BLC plan to form new life groups, our pastor and council members would love to hear from you about your group, and if you are looking for friends to begin a new life group with, we can help you with that too!