The morning the snowstorm abated, walking to the prayer lodge, I saw Fr Michael furiously shovelling away snow at a corner of the garden. It was not in the way of anyone’s path. Here I was, tentatively and cautiously watching my every step to avoid slipping and sliding. And there he was shovelling with such gusto where no one treads.

Lockdown Litany

For the miles and miles of bubble wrap, packing tape and heat-shrink plastic we have added to landfills because we now do our shopping on Lazada and Shopee instead of at the mall, or the kedai runcit around the corner. For the expensive laksa, slightly sunken butter cake and addictive crackers we have added to …

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Under the Tamarind tree!

Like a mother hen Many have walked below it and some have climbed it to pluck the tamarind/assam jawa pods (I can produce the eye-witness!).  I would like to refer to this tree as a she – because, like a mother hen, she extends her wings to give shade, to produce, and to reproduce (yes, …

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Jambu Central

Navigating Covid-19 with a toddler

Our little girl painstakingly collected moth larvae, big and small, and watched entranced as they inched around on her palm. An ant became less of a nuisance and more an anticipated visitor: “Big ant!” “Small ant!” “Friendly ant!” “Many many ants!”


By Lee Soo Choo This is a state most of us would have encountered sometime in our lives, especially during these pandemic days when there are so many uncertainties, so many sudden changes. When we do not know, when we are in the dark, what next? I found a name for it, it’s called liminality, a transitional in-between …


The First Message

Hey guys, I know the vaccination appointments for your parents is causing a lot of stress, especially when the social media is saturating the air with horror stories, complaints, videos and photos of crowds. Let’s not be caught up with this wave of fear or be a contributor to it. As children of God let …

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2021 Season of Lent @BLC

Zoom Services will be accessible to those who intend to join on that platform, and the above scheduled events will simultaneously be streamed LIVE on the BLC YouTube channel as well – The church council has decided, that our services continue to be completely online, until Easter Sunday.