A story of German migrants

In this article I speak about German-speaking people who migrated from Europe three centuries ago. I discuss why they left, how they chose where to go, how the British government and public responded to them, and a survival strategy they adopted. I end by pointing out some key themes which can help us think about our responses to refugees. I provide three links to related resources and a link to a song recorded by Bangsar Lutheran Church.

Ezra 1:1-11 The God who counts pots and pans

In this short post, I address the issue of biblical counts of pots and pans, Jeremiah’s ‘inaccurate’ prophecy of 70 years of exile, and the tension between human agency and God’s sovereignty. I consider what the Jewish historian Herodotus said about why Cyrus invited the Jerusalemites to “go home” and pose a question about appealing to Bible texts in matters of public policy.

Christian response to refugees in Malaysia

As Christ-followers, as members of a minority community in Malaysia, how should we respond to refugees? What do theologians, immigration officers, police, RELA members, social workers advise? What ‘special treatment,’ if any, can refugee members of a faith community (e.g., Christians, Muslims) reasonably expect from members of the same community in Malaysia?

Why don’t we “use the Bible Jesus used?”

Using as launching pad the (Greek language) Septuagint translation of the Hebrew scriptures prepared by Jews in Egypt two to three centuries before Christ, this article introduces readers to the challenges of translation. It includes an example of translating a Malay idiom into English and examples drawn from the two English versions dated c. 500 years apart (KJV and ESV).

Look Up!

“The trail is rocky and winding. Pay attention to where you put your feet. You will need to take leaps of faith at some points but remember to also look up.” said our guide who took us on the trail to Kawasan Falls in Cebu, Philippines. The trek started off with a well cemented path. …

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