Worship Enablers All-Hands Meeting

As announced in church, 3 March 2012, 9:30am-11:30am will be our Worship Enablers All-Hands Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to help all worship-enablers understand better what the worship life of the church is about. We will talk about understanding what happens in a typical BLC Service, the Lutheran perspectives behind it, as well as a quick overview of what each role does during the service.

What’s Happening?

Our schedule will look something like this on Saturday:

  • 9:00am – Early bird special – breakfast courtesy of Leigh! (15 pax)
  • 9:30am – A time of Worship & Devotion
  • 9:45am – Our Shared Understandings: What Happens In A BLC Worship Service?
  • 10:15am – Our Shared Understandings: The Roles & Responsibilities Of Worship Enablers
  • 10:45am – Open Discussion: What Can We Do To Deepen The Worship Life Of BLC?
  • 11:15am – A time of Prayer
  • 11:30am – Optional: Lunch together, courtesy of BLC

All other regular BLC Worshippers are welcome too!

This is also a great opportunity for all those who wanted to be a part of the Worship Enablers team, but 1) Didn’t know what it was about and would like more information; or 2) wanted a “springboard” like this to join in.

Even if you just wanted to come and understand why we, as Christians, “worship” – you are welcome to join us too!

Please indicate attendance! In view of the fact that we are preparing food for lunch, kindly indicate your attendance and how many pax to me.

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