BLC #Lent 2017


Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, where we find ourselves kicking off another thematic series for the season. Throughout Lent, we will be challenged to deepen our faith in God afresh. Lent culminates in Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday and ends with Good Friday, before we celebrate the glorious Resurrection at Easter.

All events are open, so all are welcome – please feel free to invite your loved ones.

Date Topic Reading Preacher
5 Mar Viewing Slumdog Millionaire from the Wilderness Matthew 4:1-11 Rama Ramanathan
12 Mar The Spirit and New Birth John 3:1-17 Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit
19 Mar Thirsting For Living Water John 4:5-42 Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit
26 Mar New Eyes To See I Samuel 16:1-13 Rev. Dr. Eric Trozzo
2 Apr The Mechanics Of Confession Psalm 51 Rev. Dr. Tan Soo Inn
9 Apr Palm Sunday: The Way Of Jesus Philippians 2:5-11 Rev. Dr. Siew Woh
16 Apr Easter Sunday Matthew 28:1-10 Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit

A Sunday For Children, A Farewell, And Being A Light To The Nation

It was quite a busy but blessed Sunday for us today.

For our children, Sunday School for the 2017 session kicked off today. It’s such a blessing to see our children grow up year by year. We pray that they will continue to grow in the Lord and the wonderful teacher-volunteers we have will be blessed, encouraged, and strengthened as they serve God and our BLC Family through their ministry to children.

Photo credit: Carmen Loke

We were also blessed to have Rev. Dr. Hermen Shastri, General Secretary of the Council of Churches Malaysia, who preached a wonderful sermon on “Being A Light To The Nation”, as part of our sermon series during Epiphany. It was a good reminder that, to be a light – we are called to reflect Jesus, the True Light; and not presume to be the source of light itself.

Photo credit: Sivin Kit

Finally, it was a bittersweet moment for us as we bade farewell to Derek and Theresa Holtby; who are returning to their home country. For the several years they have been with us, we have been blessed by their family: Derek’s talent with the trumpet as well as being a voice of conscience to us, Theresa’s wonderful kindness and graciousness, and also the wit, charm, and musical gifts of their children. We have been so blessed to have them in our midst; we are sad to see them go but are happy that this is part of God’s plan for them.

Photo credit: Sivin Kit



Sermon Series: Epiphany 2017 – Living In God’s Radiant Light


Following the season of Christmas which ends with Epiphany this Friday, 6 Jan 2016, we now enter into Epiphany season.

During this season, we will embark on a sermon series exploring the theme of “Living In God’s Radiant Light“.

The church calendar recognizes the season of Epiphany from January 6 until the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday which is celebrated as the Transfiguration of our Lord. Epiphany season explores several principal themes: the revelation of Christ to all nations, Jesus’ baptism in the River Jordan, and Christ as the light of the world.

The colours of the season are white (a colour associated with the festivals of Christ and suggesting gladness, joy and light for the day of Epiphany), used the first week after the Epiphany when the Baptism of our Lord is celebrated, and the last week of the season of Epiphany when the Transfiguration of our Lord is celebrated; and green, reminiscent of living plants and suggests spiritual growth. Green is used in the season of Epiphany beginning with the second week after the Epiphany until the week before the Transfiguration of our Lord is celebrated.

Please join us! All are welcome.

Epiphany 2017 at Bangsar Lutheran Church, KL

Date Time Theme Readings Preacher
1 Jan 10am New Year’s Day: Just Right On Time Ecclesiastes 3:1-13 Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit
8 Jan 10am A People Called To Do Right Isaiah 42:1-9 Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit
15 Jan 10am Light To The Nation Isaiah 49:1-7 Rev. Dr. Herman Shastri
22 Jan 10am Searching For Happiness? Heavy Loads Taken Away Isaiah 9:1-4 Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit
29 Jan 10am Humble Walking: Minimum Standards, Basic Expectations Micah 6:1-8 John Cheah
5 Feb 10am Rediscovering Orthodoxy: How To Honor God Isaiah 58:1-12 Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit
12 Feb 10am Special Topic TBC Rev. Dr. Guillermo Hansen
19 Feb 10am Take Time To Be Holy Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18 Rev. Dr. Siew Woh
26 Feb 10am Transfiguration Sunday TBC Eugene Yapp

Sermon Series: Advent & Christmas 2016 

With today’s celebration of Doom/Christ the King Sunday, we begin the liturgical calendar anew and enter into the season of Advent, a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the coming of Jesus.

For Christians, the season of Advent anticipates the coming of Christ from two different perspectives: to share in the ancient longing for the coming of the Messiah, and to be alert for his Second Coming.

As Christians we live in a time of now and not yet.

Living as witnesses of the resurrection, we eagerly await the second coming of Christ by living a life worthy of the Gospel message. However, we often find ourselves impatient and exhausted by the call to share the good news of Christ.

Advent, the first season of the Christian church year, is a season full of anticipation and preparation. Advent helps us align our impatience, not with each other or the stumbling blocks of God’s mission, but with the long awaited Messiah, both now and not yet. 

Join us at BLC for Advent and Christmas this year. May you and your loved ones be especially blessed this season.

All events are open events – please invite your loved ones and friends to join us this season. 

Advent 2016 at Bangsar Lutheran Church, KL

Date Time Theme Readings Preacher
27 Nov 10am Live honorably Romans 13:11-14 Pastor Wong Moi Lee
4 Dec 10am Live harmoniously Romans 15:4-13 Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit
11 Dec 10am Live responsibly Judges 6:11-12, 25-27, 32, 8:26-27 Rev. Dr. Elaine Goh
18 Dec 10am Live patiently James 5:7-10 Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit
25 Dec 10am Christmas Day: Christ’s Presence in the Shadows Luke 2:1-20 Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit

Sermon Series: Reformation 2016


With the conclusion of our recent sermon series on The Kingdom Prayer, we now embark on a new series focused on the Reformation.

Why even bother remembering the Reformation? It was, no doubt, something that happened in Europe some 500 years ago. It was also something that was religious, but also had socio-political ramifications as well. But still, it can be perceived as far removed from us. So why bother? What does the Reformation mean for us today?

Find out in this sermon series!

Date Topic Speaker
02 Oct Liberated by God’s Grace Rev Dr Sivin Kit
09 Oct Flourishing Lives by God’s Grace Rev Dr Lim Siew Pik
16 Oct Human Beings – Not For Sale Alpha Lim
23 Oct Now Is The Time To Worship Paul Lau & rSURrEct 14:6
30 Oct Creation – Not For Sale Rev Dr Sivin Kit
06 Nov Salvation – Not For Sale Rev Wolfgang Grieninger

If you’d like to follow or respond to the messages via social media, please hashtag it as #blcReformation2016. Find us at:

Sermon Series: The Kingdom Prayer

After guest speaker Pastor Margaret Loy’s sermon last week on “Honoring the Poor,” this week, we begin a new sermon seriescalled “The Kingdom Prayer”; based on “The Lord’s Prayer” through the Gospel of Luke. Please join us, all are welcome!


Date Readings Preacher
14 Aug Honor the poor Pr. Margaret Loy
21 Aug Father (Luke 11:1-4) Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit
27 Aug*
(Sat 5pm)
Your Kingdom Come (Luke 11:1-4)
BLC Anniversary Celebration & Dinner
Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit
4 Sep Give Us Each Day (Luke 11:1-4) Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit
11 Sep Forgive Us Our Sins (Luke 11:1-4) Karl A
18 Sep No service this week (we are away for the LCM’s National Lutheran Conference)
7 Aug Lead Us Not Into Temptation (Luke 11:1-4) Rev. Dr. Siew Woh