Moses & the Burning Bush – A meditation

I see a bush catch alight,
as the ethereal flame danced within the bush,
its elemental fire sears away my sins and my past,
my soul is made whole again

A Voice  calls out my name, “Moses, Moses” (substitute with own name)
“Here I am” I whisper.

I take off my sandals, this is holy ground
I hide my face, yet I am home.

“What is your name?” I ask,
“I AM WHO I AM” the Voice says.

I fall on my knees,
As I mouth the Holy Name “YHWH”

I can only hear the sound of my breath… (inhale, exhale)
He is in my breath in my very being, Present.

The tears fall, my mind silent
Time stands still, He is beyond Time, yet He is Present

I was never abandoned, I am home.

Foot notes

Whilst writing this meditation, I did a fair bit of research to try to find the spiritual meanings and symbolism in the narrative to be translated into a form of meditation.

  1. Some people identify the bush as the church where it is burnt but always sustained by Grace.  The fire serves to burn and purge us of our sins and dross.  Thus, we are never consumed but made whole in that fire. The fire is a supernatural fire.
  2. The bush not being consumed also means that during that encounter  between man and God, time stood still. God is an eternal God who exists outside of time yet also exists within our time space.
  3. Jews remove their shoes in sacred places and also in the home.
  4. God constantly calls us and uses physical matter to try to attract our attention.
  5. God reveals His Sacred Name – YHWH…. a name without vowels. Until today Jews dare not utter God’s Holy Name, and they refer to Him as YHWH.  If you try to say YHWH, you can only hear your breath.  This means God is in our breath.  He is the One who gave His Divine breath so that we come alive and live (see also Genesis 2:7, Acts 17:28).  He is in our breath, within us and also Present.  This part is learnt from Father Richard Rohr and his encounter with a Jewish Rabbi.
  6. The mind being silent is a mark of a meditator.  What can we say to an all-knowing God?
  7. I personally think God does not reveal His Name because we tend to create God in our imagination and thus limit Him. This also disturbs the meditation when we should just be silent and still before a Holy God.  He is who He is.
  8. Personally:  The actual writing of this piece was done in less than an hour. It was easy.  Probably as a one-off  gift.  Short phrases and words are used –  a homage to the Chinese and Chinese characters, wherein in a few strokes of a pen  the Chinese are able to express deep meanings – unlike  Greek/ western thinking of having the footnote longer than the actual meditation. Haha!

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