Our “Shared Understandings” On Worship

At Bangsar Lutheran Church, we have a few commonly held beliefs and understandings that undergird the worship life of the church.

Our worship life is designed to support the church’s shared mission:

The mission of BLC is to
Invite people into the reign of God;
Encourage them to grow in the Body of Christ; and
Equip to be sent into the world in the power of the Holy Spirit

Thus, worship life at BLC is designed to support this by:

Helping the BLC Family encounter Christ,
so the world may encounter Christ through us

Our worship services are structured along four main “movements”, based on the Lutheran perspective of worship to place the Word (Sermon) and Sacrament (Holy Communion) at the center – through which we encounter Christ.

Children and families are also encouraged to participate more in the worship life of the church by serving as Scripture Readers as well as Greeters. Children are usually scheduled once a month as Scripture Readers while families (i.e. parents and their old-enough children) were given specific duty slots as Greeters. Having children regularly slotted for Scripture Readers has been a blessing to the whole church as well as to our worship life – the voices of the children often underscore the simplicity and power of the Word they read.

Finally, at BLC, we believe that the worship life of the Church is often perceived primarily as the musical aspects of the worship service, after which, time is handed to the preacher. I would call on the church to think of ways in which we can continue helping the church deepen its worship life. Thoughts that come to mind include other expressions of worship including arts, crafts and even “off-beat” presentations like slam poetry.

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