Congratulations Rev. Augustin on your Masters’ Degree!

Today, we celebrated Rev. Augustin being awarded his Masters in Theology from Seminari Theoloji Malaysia on 20 Oct 2012!

The Church Council started off by trying to understand better his thesis, which was based on understanding the relationships of the Church to the community and other churches around it.

Then, on behalf of the whole church, the Council prayed over Pastor Augustin and presented him with a graduation present. We learned earlier that he enjoys comic books (especially sci-fi and fantasy… most notably, Star Trek!) as well as a good cup of coffee. So, we decided to give him just that… yes, it’s more books, but we’re sure it makes for a much more interesting read with coffee than say… Systematic Theology.

Coffee & comics!

Congratulations again, Rev. Augustin!

Plotting what to do with all the free time he’s regained… or brain damaged from theological studies’ overdose! #teeheehee

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