Batu 20 Orang Asli Congregation Visit

This Advent/Christmas season, we were richly blessed to have our Orang Asli brothers and sisters from the Batu 20 Cameron Highlands congregation visit us. During their short stay from 16 – 18 December, we enjoyed a great time visiting some of KL’s attractions, a wonderful evening fellowship event on 17 December, as well as worshiping together on Sunday.

Thank you to Moh Foong and her team for organizing this wonderful time of fellowship and for our Batu 20 brothers and sisters for making the journey all the way to KL to visit us!

Our visiting brothers and sisters from Batu 20 Orang Asli Congregation! (Well, not all of them are Orang Asli…)

Our Orang Asli family blessing us with a song and dance performance during Service. The song talked about following and worshiping Jesus in both good times and bad.

(Photo credit: Moh Foong)

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