Yeshua’s Prayer – Komeil

Jesus' Prayer.jpg
Yeshua’s Prayer – by Komeil

One of BLC’s blessings is having Komeil as a BLC Family member! He is a talented artist (check out his Facebook page here) and musician.

During our 16th anniversary celebrations last week, Komeil drew us a special illustration for our bulletin cover. Here he is explaining it in his own words (slightly edited for clarity and grammar):

I think the best title would be ‘Yeshua’s Prayer’.

The idea of the moon and its reflection is to express the relation between earth and heaven. The original verse reads, “…on earth as it is in heaven.” That’s when I started to think… “On earth… Why shouldn’t God’s will be done? As perfect as it is in heaven… I draw a perfect moon on earth (below) where Jesus stands, praying.

The moon above is resonating: God is listening. We  know how to speak softly, but  we may need to learn how to listen softly as well. God listens… God’s heart is soft… He is softer than water… He walks on water…

The moon bellow is the perfect moon… Our perfect God… He would not be our Saviour if He did not become flesh.. The moon bellow is a perfect moon… God’s will on earth shall be so perfectly done that this heaven, the one on earth will shed light on the entire universe.

These are my interpretations as one viewer. Everyone can read the painting in a different way.

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