The First Message

Hey guys, I know the vaccination appointments for your parents is causing a lot of stress, especially when the social media is saturating the air with horror stories, complaints, videos and photos of crowds.

Let’s not be caught up with this wave of fear or be a contributor to it.

As children of God let us intentionally be a source of encouragement, affirmation and comfort in this culture of fear. This, I believe, should be our witness in these times.

The vaccination program volunteers and doctors are doing their best. They are surrounded by crowds constantly asking questions, all kind of fears and anxieties cast on them for 7 hours a day. I sympathize with them. If they get irritated, or at times, lose their temper, don’t take it personally, I feel for them. I don’t think I could do any better, probably worse, in such a situation. So, trust them that they are doing their best, try not to add to more stress and chaos if l possible.

We are not going for a vacation at Club Med where we paid a hand and a foot and therefore feels right to make demands for good service.

If we go, be prepared for a long wait, expect a long wait. Set your expectations LOW, then you won’t be angry when your prophecy comes to pass. But you will be pleasantly surprised and thankful when things are not so bad!

You only need to go twice, then done! Bear with it with thankfulness and fortitude.

The choice is simple. To go or not to go.

If you choose to go, go with fortitude. Try not to complain and curse and spread more horror stories.

If you can’t, then don’t go.

In addition, we can make ourselves useful. I salute those who even volunteered to fetch old people for their vaccinations. Grab drivers willing to take them and assure them all through the journey. When you are there, be helpful to those old people who are alone and feel lost, be a source of comfort to them. Talk to them, keep them occupied.

Let’s be a source of comfort and encouragement, a light in the darkness. Let Christ be seen in us.

– Pastor Thomas

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