MyConsti @ BLC

On 15 October 2011, BLC played host to the team from MyConstitution/PerlembagaanKu who conducted a half-day workshop to help us all understand the Malaysian Federal Constitution a little better.

MyConstitution is a national campaign designed to educate the Malaysian public and create greater awareness about the Federal Constitution. The team behind the MyConstitution campaign is the Constitutional Law Committee formed under the aegis of the Malaysian Bar Council and consisting of lawyers, students, academics, members of the media, members of non-governmental organisations and Malaysians from all walks of life. (Click here to find out more about the MyConstitution campaign)

It was certainly a day of great learning for all who attended. There were a lot of salient, thought-provoking discussions going all around and many of us walked away with at least a better understanding of what the Constitution is and, more importantly, how we should view it as Malaysians.

A few snapshots from the day (photo credit: MyConstitution):

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Also, here are the Rakyat Service Advertisements, another initiative by MyConstitution and based off their 9 Rakyat Service Guides to encapsulate some of the key things every Malaysian should know about their Federal Constitution.

Thanks again to the entire MyConstitution team who made the time to come out on a Saturday morning to be with us!

Want to know more about the Malaysian Constitution?

Recently, the topic of the Malaysian Constitution and what it means for all Malaysians has been raised in the wake of several incidents involving various religious and ethnic groups. Both sides of the debate have claimed that the Constitution is on their side.

Ever wanted to find out more about the Malaysian Federal Constitution? Are you aware of your own rights?  What about the powers and limitations of the branches of government?

Come and attend this workshop so that you can comprehend the issues at hand and make decisions for yourself.

Participation is FREE and lunch is provided. This is an open workshop so please invite your friends.

Please click on the flyer below for more information.

9:30am – Arrival and Registration
10:00am – Workshop (Part 1)
– Welcome remarks
– Icebreakers
– Interactive workshop session – part 1

12:00pm – Lunch break
12:30pm – Workshop (Part 2)
– Interactive workshop session – part 2
– Question & Answers Dialogue Session
– Closing remarks

2:00pm – End