Religions along the Silk Road: Investigations and Reflections with Ron Choong (21 Jan 2017)


The STM Centre for Religion and Society and the Academy of Christian Thought will co-organise the following talk hosted at Bangsar Lutheran Church:

“Religions along the Silk Road: Investigations and Reflections with Ron Choong”

The event will be moderated by our pastor: Rev Dr Sivin Kit

For more information, please call 06-6322 815 or email sivinkit[at]stm2[dot]edu[dot]my.

About the speaker:

Dr Ron Choong is an independent interdisciplinary scholar. Born in Kuala Lumpur, educated in the UK and the USA, he is now living in New York. Although his academic training is in biology and chemistry, law, international relations, history, philosophy and theology, he is more interested in the web of knowledge across all disciplines of inquiry.

In this session, he will share thoughts on the studies of the migration of religious ideas along three Old Silk Roads from China to Europe via Central Asia, India and the Arabian Peninsula.

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