Introducing Rev. Augustin, Pastor of BLC

Hi, there. Thanks for dropping by!

I am Augustin, the pastor of Bangsar Lutheran Church. I am married to Deborah and have two sons, Timothy and Noel.

I have been here for nearly two years now, and enjoying the journey of shepherding God’s people in this community. For that is what BLC is – a community. I have found it to be an interesting community – quite different from many other churches I have been in. There are unique people here with unique perspectives on their faith. But, just like other churches, they are all united by the walk in the Lord in putting that faith to practice.

Let me just briefly introduce myself. I have been in the ministry for nearly 20 years now, and BLC is my fifth congregation. I started my ministry in Bukit Mertajam in Penang at Praise Lutheran Church (of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Malaysia – ELCM). I then served at Zion Lutheran and Good Hope Lutheran in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya respectively. In 2006, I moved over to the Lutheran Church in Malaysia (LCM) and was the pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran in Petaling Jaya. In 2011, I came to Bangsar.

I am involved in teaching and preaching ministries that extend beyond Bangsar to the District and National levels. Teaching is my passion and my drive is to see men, women and children discovering the wonders of being children of God and walking with Him from day to day. I firmly believe that in BLC, the Lord continuously challenges our perceptions of “the way it is” in order to help us to grow beyond our own box – whatever that box may be!

So, do drop by, say hi, and I hope to see you soon!


Here’s an interview between our founding pastor Rev. Sivin Kit and Rev. Augustin as we first got to know him better…



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