TONIGHT: God’s Advocates: Theology, Justice and Us – A Conversation with Dion Foster

 How can ordinary Christians impact the world in timely and substantial ways? How can we ‘perform’ a theology of social justice in a hurtful and hurting world? Is it even possible to connect our theological doctrines to issues like poverty, oppression, ecological problems and so on? Does ‘God talk’ have anything to do socio-political conversations?

Please join us for a conversation with Dion Foster to explore these questions. Through his many years as an ordained minister and globalizing systematic theologian, as well as his work in Christian advocacy, Dion will help us connect our most fundamental theological principles to personal and communal efforts to make real and deep changes in our world today. Dion will be joined by Chris Chong from Friends-In-Conversation.

Date: Monday 9 July 2012
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Bangsar Lutheran Church
Organised by Friends-In-Conversation

About Dion Foster

Dion A Forster (PhD. Science & Theology) is International Campaign Coordinator of EXPOSED, International Director of Unashamedly Ethical and the Dean of John Wesley College at the Seminary of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in Pretoria, where he lectures in Systematic Theology, Ethics, New Testament and Greek. He also teaches at the University of South Africa and the University of Pretoria. An ordained Methodist minister, Dion is a sought-after preacher who also has a weekly radio program.

About Chris Chong

Christopher Chong is a member of FIC and holds a political science doctoral degree. His research interests lies in the intersection between faith and politics (with particular reference to Christians in M’sia). He teaches at a private university.

About Friends-In-Conversation

Friends-In-Conversation is a friendship of followers of Jesus who are called to participate in and create a safe space for reflective and constructive conversations on faith, spirituality, community and society, leading to embodied possibilities and deeper engagement. We are also in friendship and conversation with people of other faiths, to deepen mutual understanding and appreciation, as a foundation for constructive partnerships in a pluralistic society. We believe that creating a space for such conversations requires the firm foundation of friendship – hence the importance of trust, humility, generosity, affirming speech and emphatic listening in all our engagements.

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