#FirstFriday – Alternative Worship Gathering at BLC – 2 Nov 2012

Resuming the previously observed “alternative worship” gathering at BLC on the First Friday of every month! A simple hour of contemplative and reflective worship for those seeking an “alternative” space to slow down at the end of the week. A respite from the busyness of our daily experience and a chance to renew our strength in God’s presence and one another’s fellowship.

In the past, this gathering has included moments of silent prayer, scripture reading and reflection, and songs. This November, we will be following the liturgy for Compline, sometimes also known as Prayer at the Close of Day.

Come join us this 2 November 2012, 8:15pm at The Father’s House, and stay if you can to explore how we might revive this monthly gathering for December and into the year ahead!
For more info: http://www.facebook.com/events/240502162743707/

About Compline
The office of Compline is the final office (or service) of the day according to the ancient, monastic cycle of canonical hours (increments for daily prayer.) The term Compline, from the Latin ‘completorium’ (completed), was first used by St. Benedict in the 6th century, and was part of the ‘Rule of Benedict’, a book of guidelines for monks living and praying in monastic communities. Compline is intended to be repetitive and easily memorized and recited in plain chant. Compline services emphasize rest, spiritual peace and contemplation.

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