Conversations on Hearing God’s Voice (Gracious Christianity series)


When: June 27, 2007 Wednesday 8pm

Where: Bangsar Lutheran Church Premises

Who: Rev. Sivin Kit


“God is speaking all the time, but we are often too preoccupied to notice. God doesn’t shout to get our attention, but typically speaks softly and quietly. God’s voice invariably comes to us as a call, luring us deeper into life and deeper into the love God feels for the whole world. God can speak through nature and human experience, but the clearest way God has ever spoken to the world is through a person: Jesus of Nazareth, who Christians believe was both fully human and fully divine. A very important way we hear God’s voice today is through prayer, but sometimes God can seem silent even when we are trying to listen. That silence reminds us to uphold others when God seems silent to them.

Questions Addressed:

* How does God speak to us?
* What does it mean to feel called by God?
* What has God communicated to us through Jesus?
* What is prayer?”

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  1. Hi Sivin kit,
    Nice articles here, will definitely spend more time reading things up here.
    Questions addressed are interesting.
    Had an ‘open vision’ (mental state of mind is not suspended-conscious)of Jesus on 9 jan 98 so could probably understand the first two questions.

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