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We are revisiting key Old Testament narratives as we enter our second year of using the Narrative lectionary to guide our reflections during Sunday worship at 10am. Welcome.

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GE14: Youth and Nation Building in Malaysia

*Talks at RhemaRad.io #72* *[GE14] “The Youths’ Role in Nationbuilding” – Rev Dr Sivin Kit, Debbie YM Loh*

*Listen now:* https://soundcloud.com/rhemaradio/r72a

_*Description:* How do younger Malaysians (between 21-30) view politics in this country? What should they know?

Here are some guiding thoughts._ *//Song:* Beat The System – Be your own *FB:*https://www.facebook.com/rhemarad.10/photos/a.561988924160165.1073741839.102857356739993/612662605759463/?type=3&theater

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