Thank You For A Great Year, Pastor Daniel!

Farewell Daniel

Today, we bid farewell to Pastor Daniel Locke, who joined us a year ago to accompany his wife Sarah on her internship at Luther House Chapel.

As we got to know him over the year he has been with us, he has been tremendously generous with his talents and time. He enthusiastically served as an amazing preacher, multi-talented musician and worship leader, as well as as being regularly available for all sorts of occasions.

Needless to say, we will miss them – but we are glad to have made a friend in Daniel and Sarah. We continue to pray for them and wish them well as they complete their seminary education. We look forward to rejoicing with them when they receive their calls to serve in churches who would be very lucky to have them.

Stay in touch, you two!

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#GettingToKnowYou: Pastor Daniel

Sarah & Daniel Locke

We will be welcoming Pastor Daniel Locke to Bangsar Lutheran Church as an assistant pastor. He will be joining us, while his wife Sarah completes her internship at Luther House Chapel under Rev. Thomas Low. To help us get to know Daniel better, we have asked him to answer a few questions – in his own words.

Getting to know… Daniel!

Tell us briefly about yourself?
My name is Daniel and married to the love of my life, Sarah this past August. I was born on June 9 and baptized on July 19. I was raised in North Carolina.

I graduated from North Carolina State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, with a focus in Structural Analysis. Most recently I completed my third year, which was my internship year, of seminary. I am on track to graduate with a Master of Divinity degree in 2017. Sarah and I left behind our 4-year old husky, Cooper, with Sarah’s parents while we are in Malaysia.


What are your first impressions of BLC so far? 
I have not attended worship at BLC yet; however, I have an incredible first
impression of the wonderful community that makes up BLC. I have been greeted
with open arms and an eagerness to get to know one another. I am anxious to join you in fellowship!

What do you do during your free time?
In my free time I really enjoy being outdoors, and playing sports. I play baseball, football (American and fútbol), frisbee golf, and basketball. I enjoy music, and love playing several instruments (piano, guitar, and trumpet). I also enjoy going to the cinema and I have an addictive personality for TV dramas.

What’s your favorite…

  • Food? Pizza & Fried Rice
  • Drink? Southern Sweet Tea
  • Movie? Back to the Future Trilogy
  • Smell? Vanilla
  • Music genre? Alternative Rock
  • Book or literary genre? Mystery, anything funny
  • Conversation topic? Sports

What would you consider your strength(s) and weakness(es)?
I consider myself to be energetic and enthusiastic. I am a strong leader, worship leader, public speaker, and musician. As an engineer, I am perceptive and creative. I also consider myself to be personable, approachable, and compassionate. I have a tendency to speak extremely fast and mumble my words. Another area of growth is writing since it was not a focus of my undergraduate degree.

Can you share what your personal dream and aspiration is, for the next 10 years?
My personal dream and aspiration for the next 10 years is to finish seminary and begin my professional career in public ministry with a worshiping community, whose needs match my gifts, while also challenging me to grow and learn each and every day. However, my dream comes second to being the best husband I can be to my loving wife, Sarah.

What is your dream for Malaysia (or the world), for the next 10 years?
Peace would be nice. Peace, respect, humility, and equality for all people in all places would be even better. I know these are (unfortunately) big dreams, but I think obtainable. With regards to specifically Malaysia, I am still learning this country and culture. However, the need for equality, respect, accountability, and civil rights (especially within the political system) has not gone unnoticed to me.

What does it mean for you to follow Christ today?
Following Christ today means trusting in the truth of the Gospel message, which promises us eternal life through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This message needs to be heard as much as it needs to be shared. Being a follower of Christ (today) means living a life worthy of God’s redemptive grace. It means living life in response to, and in the glory of, God’s promises, rather than compiling one good deed after another in order to achieve salvation. God has freely given; therefore we live. And following Christ today means proclaiming that good news in word and deed.

What do you think God is saying to you lately?
Listen and learn. I have the incredible opportunity to be here in Malaysia with my wife Sarah. It is truly a blessing that I have an opportunity to share in fellowship with you, the BLC community. I think I have a lot to learn from you and LCM, and I am extremely excited to listen to your stories, and learn about God’s work in the life of BLC. You have a story to tell, and I look forward to connecting your story with mine, through God’s story of grace, love, and mercy in Jesus Christ.

What’s the most random thing you can think of right… NOW?
A small child could fit within the veins of a blue whale.

Welcoming Pastor Daniel & Sarah to Malaysia!

Sarah & Daniel Locke

Bangsar Lutheran Church is looking forward to welcoming Pastor Daniel from the ELCA this September!

He will be with us for a period of one year, as an Assistant Pastor. He will not be an Intern, as Pastor Emily was, but he will be accompanying his soon-to-be wife as she serves her internship at Luther House Chapel under Rev. Thomas Low.

As of this writing, Daniel and Sarah are in a whirlwind of activities! Daniel has just finished his internship this past Sunday. He is now packing up all of his belongings and moving them to storage this coming Saturday. The following week, he and Sarah will get married, and then they’re headed to Malaysia.


In his own words:

“My name is Daniel, and (soon-to-be) married to the love of my life Sarah.  I was born and raised in North Carolina.

I graduated from North Carolina State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, with a focus in Structural Analysis.  Most recently I completed my third year, which was my internship year, of seminary.  I am on track to graduate with a Master of Divinity degree from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, SC.

I am taking a year-of-leave from seminary to be with Sarah during her 3rd (internship) year of seminary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Sarah is serving at Luther House Chapel with Reverend Low.

I thoroughly enjoy traveling and exploring new regions of the world, and I am excited to spend the year in Kuala Lumpur experiencing ministry in a new and exciting context.

In my free time I love playing sports (basketball, football, baseball).  I have a passion for music and I enjoy playing several instruments (piano, guitar, and trumpet).  I look forward to worshiping with you and and getting to know you this year.”