I grew up in a family of 11 from a typical traditional Chinese cultural background. It would be considered an ‘accident’ that I ended up in a Sunday school because a new house church was planted beside my house soon after we moved in.

Looking back, I see it as the pre-planned grace of God, since then I know God has been guiding me in all those crucial junctures in life where decisions have to be made. I see pastoral ministry and the faith Community as a family. An imperfect family but a wonderful family nevertheless consisting of unique individuals in their journey of life within the grace of God. Journeying together.

God has a very unique sense of humour because just when I have already concluded that I’ll finish the last quarter of my life without a family, He gave me a wonderful wife (which I still feel total undeserving of her) and two children whom I refer to as my two forces of chaos.

This new phase in life has taught me much, above all, the lesson of humility! I am better for it as a person and as a pastor. I am a pastor, a spiritual parent with some good and some unruly children but a wonderful family nevertheless. A family of Grace and Love learning to love and learning to be gracious. I am blessed to be their pastor.

My passion? Teaching and preaching the Word and witnessing the transformations of lives through the Word.

Rev. Thomas Low is an ordained minister from the Lutheran Church in Malaysia (LCM) and an alumnus of Trinity College, Singapore.

He grew up in Holy Light Lutheran Church, Salak Selatan, interned at Taman Midah Lutheran Church and previously pastored Luther House Chapel, Petaling Jaya before pastoring Bangsar Lutheran Church.

In addition to his pastoral ministry, he also serves as the secretary of LCM, the Chairman of Seminari Theoloji Malaysia’s (STM) Personnel Committee and sits on STM’s board as a council member.