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Running with Endurance, Looking to Jesus

About The Camp

Date: 16 September 2021
Venue: Zoom Meetings

Covid is going to be around for some time, but that doesn’t stop us from having church camp. We wanted to find a way for everyone to reunite and bond while listening to the Word, and decided virtual is the way to go!





Guest Speaker

Rev. Dr. Siew Woh will be joining us all the way from Australia (thanks to the Internet). You don’t wanna miss this chance to catch up with him!

Camp Committee

Keat Lim
Ee Lyn
May Jean



Nope, you can show up in your pajamas!

We will be hosting the camp and activities via Zoom, hence everyone will need a device, whether you are sharing among your family members or separated. 

Please contact any of the committee members and they will refer you to the Media Team, if needed.

Currently, the camp is only open to BLC-ians and people that BLC knows only. If you have a specific person in mind, do contact us.

Yes! The children will be separated into their respective groups - Alpha, Omega+Pre-Teens and CHAOS. The activities are still a secret (shhh...), but they will be updated before camp.

One household should only have 1 form. Please have a family representative to fill in the form for the rest of the members (incl. adults and children). 

Yes, you can. However, please make sure to fill in the same email address for your spouse/family member(s) in the registration form.

Yes. As stated previously, please fill in the same email address, if they are using the same device. Please note that if your children are in different age groups, they must use separate devices.

Yes, we will be opting for food delivery this year due to the Covid situation.

We have two selections for you to choose from - Western and Malaysian. You may select them in the registration form below.

There will be an option to edit your submission

The deadline is 6 September 2021. However, food selection options will only be available until 29 August 2021.

You may contact Sheh-Ren(012-2933565) or Keat Lim(016-677 6735). WhatsApp is the preferred mode of communication. if you prefer to call, please message to check their availability beforehand.