Christ’s Steadfastness During Trials & Temptations – Emily Shipman

This week, Emily preached from the Lectionary’s Gospel Reading – Luke 13:31-35.


Jesus faces two types of opposition in Luke 13:31: the first seems to be a warning, but Jesus’ response reveals the threat of being tempted to steer off course from the path God has called him to. ┬áThe second opposition is a very real one: as a Prophet headed for Jerusalem, he faces certain death.

Despite this, God’s compassion for the people leads Him to continue on in bold determination. Christ’s steadfastness is an encouragement to us when countless trials and temptations attempt to derail us from where God is calling us.

We are encouraged by the reality that One walks beside us who has carried through to the end, and He offers us His expertise. And, in His refusal to be deterred, despite our countless ways of betraying and denying Him, Christ shows us that in the end God’s grace triumphs and God’s compassion knows no limits.