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BLC #Lent 2017

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, where we find ourselves kicking off another thematic series for the season. Throughout Lent, we will be challenged to deepen our faith in God afresh. Lent culminates in Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday and ends with Good Friday, before we celebrate the glorious Resurrection at Easter. All events are open, …

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Sermon Series: Epiphany 2017 – Living In God’s Radiant Light

Following the season of Christmas which ends with Epiphany this Friday, 6 Jan 2016, we now enter into Epiphany season. During this season, we will embark on a sermon series exploring the theme of “Living In God’s Radiant Light“. The church calendar recognizes the season of Epiphany from January 6 until the last Sunday before Ash …

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Sermon Series: Advent & Christmas 2016 

With today’s celebration of Doom/Christ the King Sunday, we begin the liturgical calendar anew and enter into the season of Advent, a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the coming of Jesus. For Christians, the season of Advent anticipates the coming of Christ from two different perspectives: to share in the ancient longing for the coming of the Messiah, and to be …

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Sermon Series: Reformation 2016

With the conclusion of our recent sermon series on The Kingdom Prayer, we now embark on a new series focused on the Reformation. Why even bother remembering the Reformation? It was, no doubt, something that happened in Europe some 500 years ago. It was also something that was religious, but also had socio-political ramifications as well. But still, it …

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Sermon Series: The Kingdom Prayer

After guest speaker Pastor Margaret Loy’s sermon last week on “Honoring the Poor,” this week, we begin a new sermon seriescalled “The Kingdom Prayer”; based on “The Lord’s Prayer” through the Gospel of Luke. Please join us, all are welcome! Date Readings Preacher 14 Aug Honor the poor Pr. Margaret Loy 21 Aug Father (Luke …

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Sermon Series: II Corinthians

We are now transitioning into the Pentecost season of the liturgical year. With that, we will be kicking off a sermon series based on II Corinthians. Throughout the series, we will explore Paul’s advice to the Corinthian church on the following themes: Pentecost, Consolation, Forgiveness, Treasure in Clay Jars, Walk by Faith not Sight, Reconciliation, …

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Sermon Series: He Is Risen! – Easter through the Book of Revelation

Following our Easter celebration last Sunday, we now enter into the season of Easter. Throughout this season, we will begin a new series of sermons meditating on Easter through the Book of Revelation. Come and join us to discover the implications of our Resurrected Lord and what that means for us! Date Topic Key reading …

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Sermon on Matthew 25:31-46 – Pastor Daniel

We are currently in the midst of our sermon series counting down towards Doom Sunday/Christ the King Sunday. This past Sunday, Pastor Daniel preached on Matthew 25:31-46, focusing on Christ’s second coming, as well as the nature of sheep and goats. You can listen to his sermon here:

Sermon Series: The End Is In Sight! (#CountdownToDoom2015)

As we move towards the end of the liturgical year towards Doom/Christ The King Sunday, we will embark on a series of thematic Scripture Readings to guide our hearts and thoughts in preparation. (Doom Sunday – also known as the Feast of Christ The King – is the last day of the church liturgical year. …

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