Sermon: A Call To Repentance – Leigh

This morning, based on this week’s Lectionary text, Leigh preached on A Call To Repentance.

His slides are embedded below:

Why did Jesus go to be baptised? – Rev. Augustin

Why did Jesus go to be baptised? Today’s Gospel reading (Luke 3:15-22) tells us that Jesus went John to be baptised. More than anything, it brings Him closer to identifying with us. Thus, our baptism becomes so precious to us because it brings us into Christ, and Christ into us.

The beauty of our God is that He walks with us, through all our ups and downs. We belong to Him. Through baptism, He identifies with my sin and humanity; while we are given the opportunity to be identified with his Divinity.

The great exchange of what Christ did on the cross is made plain through baptism.

And so, as we identify with Christ, He calls us by name to His people. In the same way then, He also sends us out. We become Wounded Healers.

So, what then is discipleship? It’s more than just “obedience”, but a process of realising our true potential in Him. What then is a church? A community of Wounded Healers.

The God who has called you, will walk with you. Each opportunity is a divine appointment. Because we are His.