Faith Visualization Project: Bring Something For “The Banner Of Us”!

Several weeks ago, Bess Anne announced the “Faith Visualization Project” and encouraged everyone to bring something to church that represents you: a strip of fabric cut or torn from an old t-shirt, old favorite shirt, sarong, baby blanket, or perhaps something other than fabric – an old Ipad charger or ear bud cord, a network cable, a thin piece of wood, a dried vine or branch, etc.  The pieces need to be less than 5 cm wide and 45 to 85 cm long. You can bring more than one piece if you want.

We are going to visualize our faith in a weaving that is coming along nicely:


The idea behind the use of personal fabric or a personal object is that it is almost a piece of each one of us going in the weaving. Our lives are woven together as we grow in faith. The weaving will get wider at the top to show that our faith grows up and out. There will be different colors and textures, just as we are all different. The edges of the fabric will be rough – after all life can be messy.

Stay after church and weave your piece into the banner, or drop it in the basket at the back of the church, and someone will weave it in for you.


This will take some weeks to complete, so if you forget this week, then bring something next Sunday!

We’ll keep this up until we’ve completed this banner of “us”! 🙂