Bishop Philip Lok’s Farewell Message

Bishop Philip Lok Farewell_editedDear Friends,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord.

Today is my last day in the LCM Bishop’s Office. After two weeks of packing and of goodbyes, I’m glad that the day for me to leave has finally arrived. The book of Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is a time for everything. For me, this is the right time to do a ‘reset’ in my relationship with my family, with my co-workers, and with friends in the congregations and from around the world. But most of all, this is the opportune time to be renewed and refreshed, for what the Lord will call me to do in the coming years.

On this last day in office, I would like to express my deep appreciation to all who have lovingly supported my ministry in the last 8 years as the LCM bishop. It was your words of encouragement, and constant prayers that kept me going in this very special but challenging call. While it is undeniable that there were many difficult and disappointing situations, yet I’m always grateful for the good times we had. The significant events, the meaningful conversations and the laughter we shared, will be forever remembered. Also, thank you for bearing with all my failings, and if I had caused offence to you while in office, I humbly plea for your forgiveness.

In the next 3 months, I will take on a journey of discernment. Apart for giving my body and spirit some rest, I will also be seeking God’s guidance in what to do in the next chapter of my ministry. At this crucial life-intersection, I do earnestly seek your prayers and counsel.

8 years ago, I stepped into this office with a deep sense of trepidation. I felt extremely inadequate to fulfill the duties of this sacred call. But a colleague encouraged me with these words – “God doesn’t make mistakes.” With those 4 words, I moved forward in faith, and resting each day on His faithfulness. (If there were any mistake made, it was solely due to my own sinfulness and shortcomings.) As I leave the office today, I do have one farewell wish. And that is for the Father to whisper, “I didn’t make a mistake.”

Signing Off with Much Love,
Philip Lok

PS. Now, with a bit more time to spare, I will undertake a special task which many of you have requested me to do previously – start a Facebook account! Hope to see you on Facebook soon 

Press Statement: CCM Is Gravely Concerned On Arrests Of Malaysian Activities & Opposition Politicians

(Full PDF version: PRESS STATEMENT – arrests of malaysian activists and opposition politicians)


The Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) is gravely concerned about the arrests and re-arrests over the past week, of Malaysian activists and opposition politicians. It is a disturbing development that our nation has not seen in decades.

Expressing disapproval and dissent is a fundamental element of a democratic process and of democratic governance. Citizens have a fundamental right to call for public demonstrations to show their dissent, as long as there is no use or call for violence. It would be wrong to assume that challenges to authority immediately translate into anarchy and violence.

The Home Ministry and the Police should be circumspect in handling dissent, which should be the hallmark of a government that claims a mature democracy.

The CCM holds in prayer those who have been arrested for expressing disagreement or for organizing peaceful dissent. The CCM also prays that the power bestowed upon the government of Malaysia, will be tempered by justice, patience and goodwill towards all Malaysians.

Signed by:

REV. DR. HERMEN SHASTRI, General Secretary

29 May 2013

Bishop Philip Lok’s Statement On GE13

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Warm greetings from the Bishop’s Office.

Nominations for the coming General Elections (GE 13) have been finalized. In the coming two weeks, Malaysians will experience the most intense period of campaigning we ever had in our nation’s history.

As Malaysian Christians, this is the time for us to rally together to uphold our beloved country with our prayers, as well as to exercise our duty as citizens who are concern for the well being and future of Malaysia.

From now until 5 May, the Bishop’s Office would like to encourage all LCM congregations to organize special meetings and programs in preparation for the GE 13. Here are some suggestions to what congregations can do together:

1. Hold morning/evening prayer meetings so that our members can come together to intercede for a smooth and peaceful election. For more creative ideas in this area, please refer to the information and powerpoints provided by Prayer United, which is an ecumenical prayer movement. (See attached.)

2. Hold a special prayer vigil on 4 May, which is the eve of Election Day.

(Note: Some congregations might want to consider shifting the Sunday worship service to the night before so to enable more of our members to return to their constituencies to cast their vote. The Saturday night service will also provide more time for our members to pray together. The Bishop’s Office do allow such a one-off arrangement on the basis that this is really a unique situation as previous general elections were not held on Sundays. However, please ensure that all your members are informed IF there is a change in service time.)

3. Without being partisan, pastors and church leaders are to encourage our members to consider the issues faced by our nation, and to understand the positions/manifestoes of the different political parties and their respective candidates. For this purpose, the Council of Churches Malaysia has also produce a video to educate Malaysian Christians. You can view this at:

4. Do strongly urge your members to exercise their Christian and civic responsibility to vote on 5 May. Pastors are to call to lead by example, even though we understand that having to do so on Sunday is a challenge. However, with proper planning in advance, we all can return to our constituencies to cast our votes. As another bishop reminded us, our vote is not only secret, it is sacred too.

Finally, let us all unite our hearts in prayer, and vote for a better and brighter Malaysia.









3。在不偏袒任何的政党下,牧者及教会领袖须鼓励会友考虑国家当前的问题,并且了解各政党的立场/宣言及各候选人,马来西亚教会联会为此制作了一个录影来教导马来西亚的基督徒,请参考网址 :



Bishop Philip Lok

“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.” Job 19:25

Bishop Philip Lok’s Easter Message 2013

The Bishop’s Easter Message 2013

He is not here; he has risen! – Luke 24:6

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Risen Lord,

Even as this message is being prepared, we, as Malaysians are facing much uncertainty. The conflict between our armed forces and the Sulu terrorists continues into the third week with no peaceful resolution in sight. The date of the 13th General Election is yet to be determined as our federal government still waits for the opportune time to dissolve the parliament.

In the face of these uncertainties, we probably can understand the emotions of the disciples as they huddled together in a small room the day after the crucifixion. They were concerned for their future. No doubt, Good Friday enabled them to know a God who understands their fears and anxieties. Yet, the disciples (and us) need a certain hope, a certain destiny. Hence, “He has risen!

Easter Sunday is the bedrock of the Christian faith. The resurrection of Jesus reminds us that not only does God reach into the deep trenches of human pain, but also provides us the certainty of hope, peace, and a new life which has began on that first Easter. It gives meaning to our experiences as we await the final return of the risen Christ.

This is the message that we need to share with our neighbors and friends. As the angel said to the women, “Go, tell his disciples and Peter….”, let us too go and proclaim the good news of the Lord’s resurrection.

May this Easter lead you more deeply into the reality of Christ’s resurrection, and of your own.

Bishop Philip Lok
Lutheran Church in Malaysia Easter 2013


他不在这里,已经复活了!- 路24:6

主内弟兄姐妹, 当我在准备这篇信息时,我们作为马来西亚人正面对着许多的不确定,本国武装部队与苏禄恐怖份子间的冲突已持续了三周,至今还未有可见的和平解决方案;中央政府未能决定第十三届大选的日期,因为依然等待最佳解散国会的时机。



我们理当与邻舍及朋友分享这信息,如同天使向妇人说“去告诉门徒及披得…”,让我们去并宣扬主耶稣复活的好消息。 愿这个复活节能使你更深的认识基督的复活及自己的盼望。

马来西亚基督教信义会 2013年复活节

Bishop Philip Lok’s Reflections on Lent 2012

Lutheran Church of Malaysia & Singapore’s Bishop Philip Lok shares with us some of his thoughts and reflections on Lent. Very cool video and inspiring insights!

Bishop’s Chinese New Year Greetings

“Sing for joy to God our strength! Sound the ram’s horn at the New Moon, and when the moon is full, on the day of our festival.” For the Lord says, “I removed the burden from their shoulders; … you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.”  Psa 81: 1-3,6,16.

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

As we step into a new Lunar New Year, my family and I wish all our pastors, members and friends a year blessed with God’s peace and joy. May your Chinese New Year also be filled with much happiness, good health, progress and prosperity!

I hope that all of us will take this festive occasion to renew and strengthen our relationships with God, family and friends. Learn to give and forgive, and be confident that, in this New Year, God will enable us ‘to do all things through Him who gives us strength.’

And don’t forget, drive safe when you ‘balik kampung’!

Bishop Philip Lok & Family CNY January 2012

“你 们 当 向 神 我 们 的 力 量 大 声 欢 呼 , 向 雅 各 的 神 发 声 欢 乐,唱 起 诗 歌 , 打 手 鼓 , 弹 美 琴 与 瑟 。当 在 月 朔 , 并 月 望 , 我 们 过 节 的 日 期 , 吹 角。” 神 说 , 我 使 你 的 肩 得 脱 重 担 , 你 的 手 放 下 筐 子 。他 也 必 拿 上 好 的 麦 子 给 他 们 吃 。 有 拿 从 磐 石 出 的 蜂 蜜 , 叫 他 们 饱 足 。 诗81:1-3,6,16