Kickstarting Our Pre-Teen Sunday School! (Every 2nd and 4th Sunday)


Greetings! The Pre-teens Sunday School began at BLC today with an exploration into… Greetings: from verbal and non-verbal greetings across cultures around the world, to the different greetings found in the Bible.

We learned why we share the peace of God at BLC on Sundays as a congregational greeting; we learned about each other’s names, ages, schools, and favourite flavours of ice cream; and then we greeted each other with a holy kiss. >.<

Just kidding!

But we did learn about that in the Bible. Last but not least, we also learned the proper way to shake hands by watching this excellent instructional video:

Join us every 2nd and 4th Sunday as we explore our world,  the world of the Bible, and become BLC BFFs with one another.

We are 9 through 12 year-old girls, boys, and camels. Be there or be… just be there. 😀

Bible Study: Exploring Our Lutheran Heritage

Last week, we kicked off our new Bible Study/Education class on “Exploring The Lutheran Heritage.” The class, held every Sunday morning at 9am (with a few exceptions, see below) in our Library/Meeting/Bible Study room, is a series that covers the fundamentals of Lutheran history, doctrinal distinctions, as well as explores some of our more ‘Lutheran’ practices, attempting to answer the question, “Why do we do things the way we do?”

The class outline is appended below and classes will run through to the end of October. Most of the topics run over two weeks or so, to make it easy for you to follow and to jump in at any time, too.

This class is especially for those who want to take up membership in BLC, those who want to be baptized/affirmed/confirmed, and also for all of us who have been around for some time but always wondered why we do what we do or what Lutherans are all about (In fact, someone just asked the other day… “Who are those OTHER Lutherans? What’s the difference?”) 

  • July 28: Reflections on “Grace” from Romans 1
  • Aug 4: Reflections from Romans 1 – 3
  • Aug 11: Exploring Lutheran History 1
  • Aug 18: Exploring Lutheran History 2
  • Aug 25: Exploring the Lutheran Denomination
  • Sept 1: No Class
  • Sept 8: Exploring Lutheran Distinctives of Faith 1
  • Sept 15: No Class
  • Sept 22: Exploring Lutheran Distinctives of Faith 2
  • Sept 29: No Class
  • Oct 6: Exploring Lutheran Practices: Worship & Liturgy
  • Oct 13: Exploring Lutheran Community: Membership in BLC
  • Oct 20: No Class
  • Oct 27: Reformation Service

So do come and join us on Sundays at 9 am!

Expository Preaching Workshop at BLC – 13 July 2013


BLC will host an Expository Preaching Workshop at The Father’s House, this Saturday, 13 July 2013 at 10am till about 3pm. The cost of the workshop is RM90 and will go towards deferring costs for lunch and notes.

So, what is expository preaching, anyway?

Expository preaching involves the exposition, or comprehensive explanation, of the Scripture; that is, expository preaching presents the meaning and intent of a biblical text, providing commentary and examples to make the passage clear and understandable. The word exposition is related to the word expose— the expository preacher’s goal is simply to expose the meaning of the Bible, verse by verse.

As a method, expository preaching differs from topical preaching and textual preaching. To prepare a topical sermon, the preacher starts with a topic and then finds a passage in the Bible that addresses that topic. In a textual sermon, the preacher uses a particular text to make a point without examining the original intent of that text. For example, someone could use Isaiah 66:7-13 to preach on motherhood, although motherhood is only peripheral in that text.

In both topical and textual sermons, the Bible passage is used as support material for the topic. In expository sermons, the Bible passage is the topic, and support materials are used to explain and clarify it.

You can read more about expository preaching here.

If you are passionate about preaching and about improving your preaching skills, then this workshop is for you!

To participate, please contact Pastor Augustin at revaugustin[at]yahoo[dot]com.

MyConsti @ BLC

On 15 October 2011, BLC played host to the team from MyConstitution/PerlembagaanKu who conducted a half-day workshop to help us all understand the Malaysian Federal Constitution a little better.

MyConstitution is a national campaign designed to educate the Malaysian public and create greater awareness about the Federal Constitution. The team behind the MyConstitution campaign is the Constitutional Law Committee formed under the aegis of the Malaysian Bar Council and consisting of lawyers, students, academics, members of the media, members of non-governmental organisations and Malaysians from all walks of life. (Click here to find out more about the MyConstitution campaign)

It was certainly a day of great learning for all who attended. There were a lot of salient, thought-provoking discussions going all around and many of us walked away with at least a better understanding of what the Constitution is and, more importantly, how we should view it as Malaysians.

A few snapshots from the day (photo credit: MyConstitution):

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Also, here are the Rakyat Service Advertisements, another initiative by MyConstitution and based off their 9 Rakyat Service Guides to encapsulate some of the key things every Malaysian should know about their Federal Constitution.

Thanks again to the entire MyConstitution team who made the time to come out on a Saturday morning to be with us!

Want to know more about the Malaysian Constitution?

Recently, the topic of the Malaysian Constitution and what it means for all Malaysians has been raised in the wake of several incidents involving various religious and ethnic groups. Both sides of the debate have claimed that the Constitution is on their side.

Ever wanted to find out more about the Malaysian Federal Constitution? Are you aware of your own rights?  What about the powers and limitations of the branches of government?

Come and attend this workshop so that you can comprehend the issues at hand and make decisions for yourself.

Participation is FREE and lunch is provided. This is an open workshop so please invite your friends.

Please click on the flyer below for more information.

9:30am – Arrival and Registration
10:00am – Workshop (Part 1)
– Welcome remarks
– Icebreakers
– Interactive workshop session – part 1

12:00pm – Lunch break
12:30pm – Workshop (Part 2)
– Interactive workshop session – part 2
– Question & Answers Dialogue Session
– Closing remarks

2:00pm – End