Elected EXCO From The LCM General Assembly 2013

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Via the Lutheran Church of Malaysia:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We thank the Lord for a successful and smooth completion of our General Assembly last
month. The newly elected  Executive Council (EXCO) on 18 September 2013 and we are happy to inform that the final line up of the EXCO for 2013-2015 is as follows:

  • Bishop : Rt. Rev. Aaron Yap
  • Secretary : Rev. Thomas Low
  • Treasurer : Mr. Mak Hon Weng
  • Education : Rev. Linda Chan (clergy representative, Northern district)
  • Social Concern : Mr. Allan Yip (lay representative, Selangor district)
  • Mission : Rev. Ezra Yew (clergy representative, KL district)
  • Special Project : Mr. Jason Wong (lay representative, KL district)
  • Stewardship : Rev. Tan Hee Ming (clergy representative, Selangor district)
  • Committee member : Mr. Peter Yoon

Appointed Members

  • Orang Asli : Mr. Yeoh Chuan Wooi

District Deans

  • Northern District : Rev. Lee Chin Khiang
  • Selangor District : Rev. Tang Karn Poh
  • KL District : Rev. Goh Roo Chun
  • Provisional Southern District : Rev. Yap Hing Bee
  • Provisional Orang Asli District : Rev. Chu Fook On

Please pray for all of them as they serve as partners in the ministry of our Lord.

Bishop Philip Lok’s Easter Message 2013

The Bishop’s Easter Message 2013

He is not here; he has risen! – Luke 24:6

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Risen Lord,

Even as this message is being prepared, we, as Malaysians are facing much uncertainty. The conflict between our armed forces and the Sulu terrorists continues into the third week with no peaceful resolution in sight. The date of the 13th General Election is yet to be determined as our federal government still waits for the opportune time to dissolve the parliament.

In the face of these uncertainties, we probably can understand the emotions of the disciples as they huddled together in a small room the day after the crucifixion. They were concerned for their future. No doubt, Good Friday enabled them to know a God who understands their fears and anxieties. Yet, the disciples (and us) need a certain hope, a certain destiny. Hence, “He has risen!

Easter Sunday is the bedrock of the Christian faith. The resurrection of Jesus reminds us that not only does God reach into the deep trenches of human pain, but also provides us the certainty of hope, peace, and a new life which has began on that first Easter. It gives meaning to our experiences as we await the final return of the risen Christ.

This is the message that we need to share with our neighbors and friends. As the angel said to the women, “Go, tell his disciples and Peter….”, let us too go and proclaim the good news of the Lord’s resurrection.

May this Easter lead you more deeply into the reality of Christ’s resurrection, and of your own.

Bishop Philip Lok
Lutheran Church in Malaysia Easter 2013


他不在这里,已经复活了!- 路24:6

主内弟兄姐妹, 当我在准备这篇信息时,我们作为马来西亚人正面对着许多的不确定,本国武装部队与苏禄恐怖份子间的冲突已持续了三周,至今还未有可见的和平解决方案;中央政府未能决定第十三届大选的日期,因为依然等待最佳解散国会的时机。



我们理当与邻舍及朋友分享这信息,如同天使向妇人说“去告诉门徒及披得…”,让我们去并宣扬主耶稣复活的好消息。 愿这个复活节能使你更深的认识基督的复活及自己的盼望。

马来西亚基督教信义会 2013年复活节

Blessed To Be A Blessing – Lutheran Church Malaysia 60th Anniversary Celebrations


2013 is a milestone year for the Lutheran Church of Malaysia, in that it is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Rev. Calvin Lim visited our congregation and shared with us the LCM’s plans to celebrate this momentous achievement.

The theme for the 60th Anniversary celebration is “Blessed to be a blessing“.

For the past 60 years, LCM had passed through mountains and valleys, but it is obvious that we have experienced God’s blessings.  The LCM has been blessed by God in many ways, and it is important that we now see ourselves as a channel of God’s blessings to others.

God blesses us and then calls us to be a blessing. If we truly love our neighbors as ourselves, we should share the blessings we have with our family and friends.

It then went on to highlight some of the upcoming activities – so block your calendars accordingly and make plans to support!

  1. Pass on the Blessings 传送祝福 (24 – 28 Jan 2013) – a series of outreach visits by LCM HQ to share about the 60th anniversary plans
  2. Revival Conferences  培灵会 (29 March 2013 – Northern District; 30 March 2013 KL & Selangor District)
  3. Luther Tour 路德之旅 (22 April – 3 May 2013) – a study tour to German, visiting important landmarks from Lutheran history
  4. “60 Hours, 60 Ours” Youth Camp 倒数六十青年领袖营  (5-8 June 2013) – a special camp for youth, limited to only 60 participants and will run for 60 hours straight
  5. Praise Community Day  社区关怀日 (20 Jul 2013)
  6. 32nd LCM General Assembly 三十二届马来西亚信义会年议会 (30 August –  1 Sep 2013)
  7. LCM – LCS Combined Retreat LCM – LCS 联合退修会 (15-17 Sept 2013)
  8. Reformation Services  改教纪念崇拜 (26 Oct 2013  Northern District; 27 Oct 2013 Luther Centre; 2 Nov 2013  Southern District)
  9. 60th Anniversary & Christmas Thanksgiving Banquet  六十周年暨圣诞感恩晚宴 (25 Dec 2013)

LCM “Donate A Bag For Charity” – 27th Annual Austrian-German-Swiss Charity Bazaar

In conjunction with the Christmas Charity Bazaar organized by the Austrian-German-Swiss communities on 1 December 2012 at Luther Centre, the Lutheran Church Malaysia Social Concerns Committee will be having a charity sale to raise funds for community programs and projects.

The LCM charity table will focus on selling pre-owned or new luxury items such as bags, watches and accessories. All proceeds from the sale will be channelled to support the work of the LCM social ministries such as children’s homes, old folks homes, the mobile clinic and the school for special children.
If you have a new or a nice branded bag or other accessories hiding in your wardrobe, do consider donating them to a good cause. Please ensure that the items are in excellent condition, and if possible, include their boxes or dustbags.
To donate an item or for further enquiries, please contact Ms. Clarice Wong or Ms. Janis Chong. LCM may even consider providing pick-up service for valuable items.
Please also assist us in passing this information to your families and friends.
See you there!

Batu 20 Orang Asli Visit

We definitely had a very eventful, but joyous Sunday today. Not only were we blessed with a visit by the LCM KL Dean Rev. Francis Ho, we were also graced with a visit from our Batu 20 Orang Asli sister congregation from Cameron Highlands.


The group, led by Rev. Chu Fook On, was in KL for the “A New Dawn – A New Journey” LCM Orang Asli concert yesterday.

They presented a Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language) song, Dalam Yesus Kita Bersaudara (In Jesus, We Are One Family) – a wonderful celebration of the kinship we share in Christ.

Afterwards, we had a simple lunch fellowship before they began their journey back home.

20121028-144935.jpgWe thank God for the inseparable bond that we share as brothers and sisters because of what Christ has done for us!

Dare To Ask – Rev. Francis Ho

Today, we had the privilege of having the Lutheran Church Malaysia‘s Kuala Lumpur Dean Rev. Francis Ho of Christ Lutheran Church visit us during service. As part of his visit with us, he shared with us a powerful sermon based on Mark 10:35-45 about having enough faith and trust in God’s grace to “dare to ask” God in prayer.

When you dare to ask, God dares to answer.

When you ask in faith, you receive your healing.

When you ask in Christ, God will give you a miracle.