A Brief History of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia

With this year being the 60th anniversary of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia,


This year, the Lutheran Church of Malaysia will celebrate its 60th anniversary, “Blessed to be a blessing.

To better appreciate how the Church has grown, here’s a brief history of the LCM – from the time of its inception to some of its most recent milestones.







I’ve heard people refer to BLC as “The Father’s House”. What’s up with that?

Recently, one of our church family Karl asked why we refer to Bangsar Lutheran Church as “The Father’s House” and what imagery was the name supposed to connote.

Well, according to our Founding Pastor Sivin Kit, the reference is based on Jesus’ saying in John 14:1-4:

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. There is more than enough room in my Father’s home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you? When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am. And you know the way to where I am going.”

When we started in 2000, the premises still had 4 rooms next to the main hall. Each room had some nice names like, the “Thinking Room” for the office; the “Learning Room” for the library, and the “Growing Room”, for the nursing mothers’ room. It also gave us a chance to tell newcomers, “There’s always room… for you.” It provided an environment and culture that felt more like family, welcoming like a home, rather than that of a school, battle station or even a cold centre. It further allowed us to make a distinction between the Church as the people of BLC, and the ‘church’ as a place or building.