We Are Back From Church Camp 2014!


It’s been several weeks since we all got back safe and sound from Church Camp 2014 at Refreshing Springs Resort, spending four days and three nights dwelling on what it means to “Engage Deeply – with God, within, without.

Throughout camp, it was very encouraging to see much “engaging” happening – whether it was through personal devotional times and engaging God through nature, through one-on-one and small group discussions, through planned activities, or even through chilling and relaxing at the hot springs! For some, the deep engagement (with God, within and without!) occurred during the Flying Fox activity!

Preach and teach, he did.

Soo Inn Yoda

We were especially blessed to have our dear and blessed friend, Rev. Dr. Tan Soo Inn of Graceworks as our camp speaker! Many really enjoyed his sessions – so, for the benefit of those who couldn’t make it for camp or may have wanted a set, Soo Inn has shared the notes of his talks with us, which are available for download here: BLC Church Camp 2014 – Main Sessions – Speaker Notes.

Photos and Videos Are Up!

See you next year for camp!