Rejoicing Over Renu’s and her son’s Baptisms!


This past Sunday, we were exceptionally blessed to bear witness to the baptism of Renu, Anand’s wife, and that of their younger son.

Rev. Augustin conducted the sacrament of baptism for the both of them.

We rejoice over their decision in publically committing to their relationship with Jesus and we pledge to support them as the BLC Family in their journey ahead!

Thanks be to God!

More pics here.

Let the little children come and do not forbid them – Early Communion at BLC

After service this morning, Rev. Augustin held an education session for parents to discuss early communion at BLC.

—“Early Communion” refers to permitting baptized children to begin receiving communion before confirmation. Rev. Augustin delivered a presentation by Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Truscott, which took us through biblical and historical views on early Communion. In summary:
  • —Documents of the early church make instruction and baptism requirements for communion
  • —Baptism is understood as the rite of admission to communion
  • —Once infants became the primary baptismal candidates, churches did not exclude them from communion (1 Cor 11 was no hindrance!)
  • —Later circumstances led to their exclusion from communion; infant communion had to be suppressed!
  • —ELCA, LCS and other Lutherans churches have moved to early communion
  • —At first, American Lutherans were concerned about avoiding the perception that confirmation/first communion gave full membership status
  • —Now ELCA emphasizes the idea that baptism admits one to the Supper regardless of one’s age
  • —LCS also emphasizes the relationship between baptism and first communion; talks about faith receiving the gifts of HC, rather than constituting basis of admission

Full slides are available here: Early Communion teaching – BLC

BLC Catechism & Baptism Classes Begin This Sunday – 6 Jan 2013

Catechism classes will begin this Sunday at 9 am at Bangsar Lutheran Church. If you are interested in baptism, confirmation/affirmation, and/or transfer of membership, please do come and join us. This programme will go on until Easter.

This is also open to parents wanting their children confirmed.

For more information, please contact Pastor Augustin at revaugustin[at]yahoo[dot]com.