BaptizingYourChildBaptizing Your Children at BLC

We are happy and excited that you want your child to be baptized at The Father’s House – Bangsar Lutheran Church! Baptism is a beginning; a celebration within the context of our BLC Family and understood as an initiation into the visible Body of Christ – the church. Baptisms are reminders of the unfolding story of salvation and God’s grace. The generous and highly visible use of water is a powerful sign and reminder of the meaning of baptism, as cleansing, dying and new birth is accentuated.

How Do You Prepare For Baptism?

  1. Attend a baptismal class if this is your first child being baptized at BLC. You will be given more information about baptism itself and how to prepare .
  2. Decide on possible baptism dates. Because of the important role the congregation plays in your child’s Baptism, we strongly encourage you to schedule the Baptism during a worship service. If this is absolutely impossible, please make special arrangements with the Pastor.
  3. Select Christian sponsors (whom we refer to as “Godparents”) who will mentor your child’s faith development.
  4. Please be sure to inform the Pastor and church administrator to reserve a date and to make sure that the church has all the required information for the baptism. We will also normally conduct baptisms during Easter and Christmas worship services.
  5. We also need to know the names of the sponsors and an approximate number of family and friends who will be attending.

What Happens On The Day Of Baptism?

  1. You will want to arrive at least 20 minutes before the worship service begins and meet the Pastor, who will go over final details with you.
  2. Upon your request, seats will be reserved in the front of the Worship Center for your family and guests.
  3. During the service the pastor will welcome your immediate family and sponsors around the baptismal area.
  4. You will receive a certificate and a gift to help your child remember this day.
  5. Because Baptism is a worship experience, please be mindful when taking photographs during the service. Discreet videotaping is also acceptable, and you may also schedule photography sessions after the service.


The Promises of Baptism

God’s Promises

“In Holy Baptism our gracious heavenly Father liberates us from sin and death by joining us to the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are born children of a fallen humanity; in the waters of Baptism we are reborn children of God and inheritors of eternal life. By water and the Holy Spirit we are made members of the Church which is the body of Christ. As we live with him and with his people, we grow in faith, love, and obedience to the will of God.” ~ Lutheran Book of Worship

Baptism is God’s gift to us and our children. He is the initiator and First Mover of this sacred act. As we respond, God promises to:

  1. make your child a child of God, for your child will be baptized in God’s name (Matthew 28:19),
  2. wash your child clean of sin (Acts 22:16),
  3. give your child the Holy Spirit, which will enable your child to call upon Jesus as Lord (Titus 3:5),
  4. make your child a member of the body of Christ, the Church (Romans 6:5), and
  5. grant your child eternal life (Mark 16:16).

As the pastor pours water on your child and speaks the Word of God, it is God who addresses your child with these promises and who will faithfully accomplish them in your child. In this gift from God, your child will be born again and begin a whole new life, a life led by Christ instead of a life driven by sin. The baptismal water is the physical sign of this covenant between God and your child.

In presenting your child for Baptism you are doing a wonderful thing. You are permitting your child to receive a precious gift, God’s gift of eternal love. Through Baptism, for the rest of life, your child can be sure of God’s faithful and unconditional love.

Your Promises

“In Christian love you have presented your child for Holy Baptism. You should, therefore, faithfully bring your child to the services of God’s house, teach your child the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments. As your child grows in years, you should place in your child’s hands the Holy Scriptures and provide for instruction in the Christian faith, that, living in the covenant of your child’s Baptism and in communion with the Church, your child may lead a godly life until the day of Jesus Christ.” ~ Lutheran Book of Worship

When you present your child for Baptism, you also make very important promises. You promise to:

  1. help your child grow in faith by the devotional and prayer life in your home,
  2. help your child grow in faith within the community of faith, the Church, and
  3. take every opportunity to show your child God’s steadfast love and mercy given in Baptism.

The occasion of your child’s Baptism deserves your careful, intentional, and honest consideration on how you will fulfill your Baptismal promises. This event also gives you an opportunity to reconsider your own Christian life.

When you present your child to receive Holy Baptism, you take upon yourself the responsibility to tell your child of the wonderful promises that God gives in Baptism. You promise to do all that you can to cultivate in your child the hope, peace, joy, love, and meaning that is part of the life of a child of God. You are promising to do such things as read the Bible with your child, worship regularly, and teach him or her about the Christian faith at home, through Confirmation, and any other way you can.

Consider the magnitude of the promises that God gives your child in Baptism, promises more valuable than anything the world can give!

Help your child to live everyday knowing God’s love shown in Christ and through Baptism. Truly, the promises you make when you present your child for Holy Baptism are the most important promises that you will ever make to your child.

Our Church’s Promises

“We welcome you into the Lord’s family. We receive you as a fellow member of the Body of Christ, child of the same heavenly Father, and worker with us in the Kingdom of God.” ~ Lutheran Book of Worship

You are not alone when you present your child for Baptism!

As the BLC Church Family, we also promise to:

  1. uphold your child as an important member of our Christian community,
  2. support you in making God’s promises known to your child, and
  3. support you in keeping the promises that you make to your child at Baptism.

When your child is baptized during the worship service, we, the members of BLC, give you and your child our word that we will help you in the lifelong affirmation of faith.

From baptism, we will also help your child journey in his or her faith through our Sunday School. For the younger ones, they will be introduced to the Bible through Godly Play, a hands-on learning experience as they encounter the stories of the Bible.

Older children will be introduced to more of the Bible and the elements of their Christian Faith. As they enter their teens, we will encourage them to revisit their baptism through the rite of Affirmation, after which they then have opportunities to join our youth group.

You and your child’s regular attendance at the many worship opportunities we offer will also be an important way to be fed with God’s Word and grow in care and concern for each other and the world.


FAQ’s About Child Baptism

  1. Why Baptize My Child?
    Baptism is a sacred act commanded by Jesus Himself and is God’s gift to us. When we obey Jesus’ command to baptize, God extends His grace in many ways. The baptized child begins a new relationship with God, receives forgiveness of sins and is filled with the Holy Spirit.“Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The promise is for you and your children.” Acts 2:38-39
  2. Why Does BLC Baptize Babies and Children?
    Children, too, are sinful and need God’s forgiveness. The Bible never says God’s promises only hold true for adults or for those who are able to understand. Our right standing with God does not depend on our decision to come to Him, but rather on His coming to us.
  3. What Happens At Baptism Class?
    Our time together is designed to help you prepare for the Baptismal experience. Together, we’ll learn what the Bible teaches about Baptism and have your questions answered. Those who are having their first child baptized are also asked to attend this class before their child’s baptism date. Classes are offered several times throughout the year.
  4. What Is My Responsibility After The Baptism?
    Children need to be taught about their new relationship with Jesus. This is just as important as the baptism itself. The little seed of faith that has been placed in his heart needs to be watered and fed with God’s Word so it will continue to grow. Parents and sponsors hold the God-given responsibility to raise your child in the faith. Having a child helps many new parents realize their own need to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”. Don’t worry, BLC is also here to help and guide you in your own faith walk.
  5. What Does BLC Do After The Baptism?
    At your child’s baptism, our church family promised to continue to pray for you and your child as you raise him or her in the faith. Your child will receive a card on the anniversary of the baptism. Various classes are available at church for you to attend. At age 2, your child is old enough to begin attending our children’s classes created to help him learn more about Jesus and His love.
  6. Who or what are Sponsors/Godparents? Why have them?
    People often wish to have “sponsors” or “Godparents,” for their child. Godparents aid parents in the promises they made to God and their child. Thus, they need to also view Baptism as a sacramental gift from God, pray regularly for your child, and provide a Christian witness in the way they live. This means that Godparents need to be an active member of a Christian church.

If you would like your child to start on this journey together, please indicate your interest by filling in this form here: Becoming Family at BLC: Baptism, Confirmation & Membership.