With the conclusion of our recent sermon series on The Kingdom Prayer, we now embark on a new series focused on the Reformation.

Why even bother remembering the Reformation? It was, no doubt, something that happened in Europe some 500 years ago. It was also something that was religious, but also had socio-political ramifications as well. But still, it can be perceived as far removed from us. So why bother? What does the Reformation mean for us today?

Find out in this sermon series!

Date Topic Speaker
02 Oct Liberated by God’s Grace Rev Dr Sivin Kit
09 Oct Flourishing Lives by God’s Grace Rev Dr Lim Siew Pik
16 Oct Human Beings – Not For Sale Alpha Lim
23 Oct Now Is The Time To Worship Paul Lau & rSURrEct 14:6
30 Oct Creation – Not For Sale Rev Dr Sivin Kit
06 Nov Salvation – Not For Sale Rev Wolfgang Grieninger

If you’d like to follow or respond to the messages via social media, please hashtag it as #blcReformation2016. Find us at:

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