Bangsar Lutheran Church will be hosting a FREE Worship & Liturgy seminar over two days: 10 & 24 October 2015, from 9am – 1pm each session. The sessions will be held at The Father’s House, Bangsar Lutheran Church.

Taught by Rev. Augustin, the seminar will cover topics that include:

  • Worship in the Bible
  • Worship in the Early Church
  • Contemporary Worship
  • Lutheran Worship
  • Lutheran Liturgy
  • Adapting the Lutheran Liturgy
  • The Liturgical Year
  • Practical Helps on being Worship Lead / Liturgist.

This seminar / workshop will be good for all those in the worship ministry as well as others who may be interested. This is an open event – so, even if you’re from another church you are welcome to join us!

For Bangsar Lutheran Church worship leads and other worship enablers, attendance is compulsory.

Please email Rev. Augustin at revaugustin[at]yahoo[dot]com for enquiries or for more details.

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