Wishing all the fathers, grandfathers, godfathers and all other fatherly figures a very Happy Father’s Day!


This year we had a Fully Father-Fueled Father’s Day Service! With the help of many, we managed to put together a team of fathers fueling today’s Sunday service consisting of: Johnben leading the worship team (Benson, Yu-Chiet and Alpha), Anand as the usher and Steven as the Scripture Reader.


Doing it the very BLC way, we started off with greeting slides inspired by Star Wars and had Sermon slides with dad-comic jokes from Zits and Calvin and Hobbes, among many others.

The very talented youth came together to perform a Father’s Day rendition of the cup song titled “You’re My Dad” with witty lyrics.

Pastor Augustin later began his sermon about forgiveness – forgiveness for absent fathers, hurtful fathers and abusive fathers. He continued on with how we should also appreciate our fathers, and finally urged all fathers to trust in the Lord when bringing up children, referring to how Jesus Calms the Storm in today’s Gospel Reading.

We ended with a prayer for the fathers led by a father himself, Pastor Augustin. 10304434_861282011922_1199858492493450930_n

But wait, there’s more! The pre-teens this year decided to create a series of games to participate with their fathers, starting with an almost deadly obstacle course where the blindfolded-fathers were led by their children, to reach a “Fear Factor, Food Tractor” station for food tasting. We take the safety of our fathers very seriously and prepared safety helmets for them. No fathers were hurt in our celebration today. 10424982_10152822854272541_6253800451518236359_n

There was also a thumb-war challenge where Keat Lim with super-powered thumbs claimed victory.

After the obstacle course, food tasting and thumb-wars, the fathers and children proceeded to re-pot cacti (I know, we just love risks!), to be taken home with them for the day! As far as we know, all thumbs and fingers were still intact at the end of the service. 11377192_10152822853857541_5056195197101296372_n

A note of thanks to all who made this possible today. BLC would again like to wish everyone a very Happy Father’s Day and we hope to have you join us in some of our fun activities next time around!

More pics from the day are available here.

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