[Since we have just installed our BLC Council for 2015-2017, we thought it would be good to get to know them better. To do that, we are posting a profile of each council member – a profile a day for the next 7 days! The profiles will cover the roles and responsibilities of each council member, as well as a short question-and-answer interview – in their own words.]


Elaine is the treasurer of the 2013-2015 Church Council.

As treasurer, her responsibilities are:

  • Chiefly responsible, in partnership with the Pastor and Council Chairperson, for the financial health of Bangsar Lutheran Church.
  • Exercise oversight of all the financial affairs of the congregation to make sure that they are being conducted efficiently, providing also for annual audits of the accounts of the treasurer as well as the accounts of organizations within the congregation. This includes managing expenses and, together with the Pastor and Chairperson, approve expenditure.
  • Chiefly responsible for helping the church maintain transparency and good governance on financial matters. This includes arranging for the accounts to be audited regularly
  • Keeps all accounts of the congregation in a bookkeeping form approved by the Lutheran Church in Malaysia.
  • Regularly updates the congregation on financial standing of the congregation
  • To receive funds of the congregation, maintain a proper record of their receipt, and disburse them on proper orders.
    • Benevolence funds shall be forwarded monthly.
    • All funds received and disbursed shall be verified and countersigned by the authorized signatories.
  • The treasurer shall make an annual written report to the congregation (for the annual general meeting – AGM) and to the Lutheran Church in Malaysia of all funds received and disbursed, and such other reports as may be required from time to time by the Church Council.
  • Leads the effort to prepare draft budgets for the succeeding year, including this congregation’s full indicated share in support of the wider ministry being carried on in its behalf by the Lutheran Church in Malaysia, and shall submit such draft budget to the Church Council for adoption by the congregation.
  • To champion Financial Stewardship in BLC: to evoke and promote the expression of Christian faith in daily living, and to assist and encourage all members of the congregation in extending Christian compassion and helpfulness to persons of all ages in need of material and spiritual aid.  It shall co-operate with the Stewardship Committee of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Leads the Finance Core/Committee and/or Financial Stewardship Core/Committee of BLC.

Getting to know… Elaine!

Can you tell us briefly about yourself?
I’m born in Selangor on 3rd May.  I’m from Teluk Intan, eldest in the family of 3 siblings and a proud single mother of 2 daughters. I came from a Buddhist and protective family so it was a challenge for me to have the blessing from my father when I told him that I would be baptized and accept Christ as my Lord in year 2001.

I have been in the fashion world since the day I graduated from fashion designing and dressmaking school and had covered retail, manufacturing and lecturing. I’m currently in the wedding industry as a fashion designer for wedding gowns and formal wear for all special occasions.  It’s a stressful industry but I enjoy making ladies look beautiful and I have a strong passion for the meticulous handwork.

How long have you been at BLC and what were your first impression about it when you first came?
My first visit to BLC was in 2006 and my first impression was…whoa!!  Those were the days with tea candle lights and sitting around the tables; warm and a very unusual kind of setting as a church.

What was your initial reaction to being asked to join/remain in council? 
I was very hesitant to accept the post during the AGM because I think my hands are pretty full and I always believe that if I commit to do something, I must do it well otherwise, I better not start.  However, when I received the offer via email again, I know it was God’s calling.  As much as BLC has blessed me, I would love to bless BLC in return and that was the moment I decided to step out of my comfort zone.

What do you do during your free time?
Free time? I hardly have any as my time is filled according to my daughters’ and job schedule.  However, if time allows, I’ll try to do my jogging at least 2-3 times a week. I love hiking too and would love to conquer more hills and mountains, and I enjoy sunrise and sunsets.

What’s your favorite?

  • Food – seafood, mint chocolate, rum and raisin ice-cream
  • Drink – anything to do with chocolate
  • Movie – Other than horror, I’m a movie-freak especially blockbusters and those about natural disasters . I also like Hindi movie since childhood. I still enjoy watching “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” and “Devdas“.
  • Smell – Morning dew
  • Music genre – 80’s music
  • Book or literary genre – I’m still into children fantasy. Enid Blyton is still one of my favorite.
  • Conversation topic – Nothing that requires deep thinking. 😀

What would you consider your strength(s) and weakness(es)?
I’m an extrovert, a choleric; warm, adventourous and energetic. However, I’m also stubborn in my own principles and pretty straightforward in my conversation but without any bad intentions.

Can you share your personal dreams and inspiration, for the next 10 years?
I want a place that I can call “home”.  To provide and give a good quality life to my daughters, as much as I can.

What is your dream for Malaysia (or the world) for the next 10 years?
Racial and cultural harmony, a better education system and a balance between standard and cost of living.

What does it mean for you to follow Christ today?
Learn to trust, listen, be more submissive and get out of the comfort zone in order to grow in the journey of Christ.

What do you think God is saying to you lately?
Do not worry, my child.  Go forth.  I’ll be with you.

Another verse that God always speak into my heart is, ‘For He has said, I’ll never leave you or forsake you.’ – Hebrews 13:5

What is the random thing you can think of right now?

What is the best way(s) to get in touch with you?

  • Catch me on Sunday
  • Call/WhatsApp: +60 12 657 7327
  • E-mail: elainekhy[at]gmail[at]com
  • Facebook/Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/elaine.kong.777
  • Wechat: elainekhy


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