Today, we held the installation service of the BLC Council for the 2015-2017 term.

BLC Council 2015-2017:

  1. Augustin Muthusami, Pastor
  2. Leigh Wong, Chairperson & Education
  3. Rubini Murugesan, Vice Chairperson & Missions
  4. Ooi May Jean, Secretary & Community
  5. Elaine Kong, Treasurer
  6. Jamie Wong Zie Wei, Worship
  7. Anand Addepalli, Building Maintenance & Stewardship

It’s been an interesting journey to get here. God, in His wisdom and faithfulness, has brought together some of the most unexpected people for the good of His work through BLC, in some of the most surprising ways!

For the previous council members who have served, we thank you for your dedication, faithfulness and contribution towards the work of God’s kingdom through our BLC Family. The incoming Council is blessed to be able to build on a very solid foundation laid out by the previous Council members!

For the incoming council, we pray for them; that God’s wisdom, love and grace will cover them and their loved ones – even as they serve the BLC Family in the areas of responsibility that they have been called to.

(Click on the linked names for a profile on each Council Member)

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