BLC’s LiFE Groups are established small groups that meet regularly to build authentic relationships and encourage spiritual growth – to Live in Faith Everyday. We believe sustained life change happens best in the context of caring relationships built on accountability and trust.

In Life Groups, people study God’s Word together and discuss the issues and challenges of life.  It is also where they pray, care for one another, and are missed if they are absent for any reason. LiFE Groups are designed with everyone in mind: for all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity.

This year, we have five groups. Please consider joining one or even hosting one to get more plugged into the community life of BLC.


Meeting on alternate Fridays in Damansara Heights, with dinner.

This is a quirky group that meets with the intention to create and relate. Aardvark is purposeful in wanting to really get to know each other in a very real and authentic way. They are currently focused on the BLC Community Garden as a pet project.

If you’re a quirky older teen to adult, this might be the group for you.

Read the Bible with Kock Sheng and Ling Ling

Meets on Saturday afternoons in Puchong. Fellowship sometimes lasts until dinner!

A group that is dedicated to reading through the Bible from beginning to end. Note: it’s about just READING the Bible – this is not a Bible Study group. At the end of every book, they will host an open gathering in church and invite Pastor to provide an overview/review of the book they have just completed. They are definitely making great progress! Over two meetings, they completed 37 chapters of Genesis!

If you’re looking for companions to journey with you through reading the Bible, why not join this group?

Giving Tree

Meets on Fridays, primarily in PJ.

Giving Tree meets weekly over food, snacks and other yummy things for life updates and support in prayer. Occasionally, the group attempts Bible Studies and/or Scripture reading – but it can be challenging with toddlers and children playing nearby. The group see itself primarily as an extended family that tries to be there for each other. It’s a lot of fun and it certainly brings to life in concrete terms on what it means to “Live in Faith Everyday”

If you’re looking for people who are trying hard to live out their faith amidst noisy kids, rushed meals, traffic jams and more… you’re welcome to be a part of Giving Tree.

Men’s Accountability Group

This group has been meeting every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturdays at various restaurants in PJ.

This group is a rather high-commitment, high-trust group for men seeking accountability and support partners. They have been making good progress and are learning to trust each other more as they open up.

For men, especially those in ministry and leadership positions, this might be a good opportunity to join a group for accountability and support.


Meets regularly over meals together, including on Sundays, at various locations including BLC.

This group meets regularly as a study, accountability and support group.

If you would like to form a similar group, all you need are three people who are committed to meeting regularly over reading the Word and praying together. Let us know how BLC can support you in starting and sustaining one!


We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment.

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