One of the major callouts during our recent Church Camp 2014 was for greater engagement within the community. One of the best ways that BLC can help facilitate this is by offering and supporting LiFE Groups.

We’ve already outlined how we think of LiFE Groups here, but essentially, it can all be boiled down to this: forming intentional relationships for discipleship, accountability and support. That’s why we say the focus for each LiFEGroup is to help people “Live in Faith Everyday”.

With that, we are facilitating the formation of four new LiFE Groups (all with working titles, pending formation) – which can consist of as few as 3 people up to a recommended size of 8-12 people:

  1. Men’s Accountability Group – a high commitment, high trust and accountability group for men typically in leadership and ministry positions, seeking discipleship, support and accountability in the work that they do.
  2. Women’s Accountability Group – a counterpart to the Men’s Accountability Group, seeking to provide discipleship, support and accountability for women in a high commitment, trust and accountability setting.
  3. Working Singles 3IsEnough Group(s) – A (very) small group for time-starved, working singles who are looking to meet over breakfast, lunch or dinner during the work week for discipleship, support and accountability.
  4. The “Artsy Fartsy” Group – A gathering of creative types (across all genres, including music, art, etc.) who want to channel their creativity as forms of worship.

These are in addition to some of the pre-existing LiFE Groups, including:

  • Giving Tree – A very mixed and diverse group comprising of married couples, families with kids, and working adults.
  • Episode IV – A group working through questions of post-modern Christianity and what it means to follow Christ, be Church and in community, in today’s context.
  • Living Stones – Primarily comprising of families with older children (pre-teens, teenagers and youth).

If you would like to be a part of any of these groups, please feel free to contact Adeline Lim, our church administrator, at rumahpapa[dot]admin[at]gmail[dot]com.

We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment.

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