(John – picture from a previous time)

This past Sunday, we had John preach from this week’s Gospel reading: Luke 24:13-35.

The reading told the story about the disciples on the road to Emmaus: the 7-mile journey from Jerusalem travelled on foot, by 2 of Jesus’ disciples along with the resurrected Jesus for most of the way.

As they walked, they were sad and disappointed, so distracted that they did not realise they were accompanied by the Risen One.Jesus took the time to walk with them, talk with them, shared the Scripture with them, and upon reaching their destination, joined them when they invited Him in for a meal. He broke bread with them, and at that point, they recognised their Lord! Jesus physically disappeared then, but He was all the more real in their hearts. Immediately, they got up and went back to Jerusalem to share their news to the other disciples.

Are we living life like that today? So caught up with life, distracted by stresses, preoccupied with our own issues, that we fail to see the Lord with us? Knowing that life will always have its distractions, stresses, preoccupations, what shall we do then?

If we follow the Gospel reading today, the church has also in place the institutions of the Preaching of the Word and the Lord’s Supper, both performed by our pastors today in our church today. Both point us towards our Lord. Both brings us into an environment where we can encounter the Lord.

So what are we waiting for? When we are walking our own ‘roads to Emmaus’, be open to the presence of God, take time to hear the Preaching of the Word, take time to received from the Lord’s table, and God will sustain you, ‘refuel us” as we prepare to go out into our communities.

Engage the Lord, then go into the world and engage it….

John’s slides can be found here:


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