BLC Holy Week 2014 Promo Poster

Stations are places where people wait while they are going from one place to another. A school-bus stop is like a station. People wait at train stations or bus stations or airports. Think of some stations where you have been.

With the Stations of the Cross, these stations become places where people take time to think about Jesus as he went to die on a cross. Stations of the Cross is a series of artistic representations depicting Christ Carrying the Cross to his crucifixion in the final hours of Jesus before he died. They show us how much Jesus loved us. The object of the Stations is to help us make a spiritual pilgrimage of prayer and devotion, through meditating upon the chief scenes of Christ’s sufferings and death.

Navigation through the Stations of the Cross at BLC is self-guided. You do not need to rush – please take your time, as long as you need. You do not even need to go through all of the Stations of the Cross on one day. You may want to stay at one Station with Jesus for a few days before you move to another Station.

Whatever you decide, Jesus is with you and He loves you.

This is an open event. All are welcome at The Father’s House this Holy Week, Monday – Wednesday, 8pm onwards. On Thursday and Friday, the Stations of the Cross will be made available after Maundy Thursday Service and Good Friday Service respectively.

More info about Holy Week 2014 here. Public Facebook event page here.

Pictures of the Stations being set up after the jump (courtesy of Elaine).

Pictures of the Stations of the Cross during Holy Week are available here.

BLC Stations of the Cross 2014 - Giving Tree - Station 10 Setup BLC Stations of the Cross 2014 - Station 1 setup 1511382_10203693146394216_6436105343153019012_n 1782542_10203693140634072_286844791267792829_o 1801318_10203693145794201_5286383403414277180_o 10003831_10203693142034107_5572950454235090307_o 10172568_10203693144794176_690366985230494577_n 10172725_10203693139914054_8702137297310259366_n

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