First Aid is an important skill. By performing simple procedures and following certain guidelines, it may be possible to save lives by giving basic treatment until professional medical help arrives.

First Aid is a practical skill. In an emergency there’s no time to read instructions. If you’ve memorized some of the basic procedures, it will help you react quickly and efficiently.

First Aid is a life skill. A first aid qualification can help your CV/personal statement, or even open up job opportunities. There are also opportunities to volunteer using your first aid skills.

These are the reasons why Bangsar Lutheran Church is partnering with St. John’s Ambulance Malaysia to conduct a practical First Aid certification course.

Course information

The course will cover:

  • Introduction to First Aid
  • Anatomy
  • Bleeding and Wounds
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Choking
  • Bandaging and Dressing
  • Fractures, Burns and Scalds
Dates: 15 and 22 February 2014
Time: 9am to 5pm (includes lunch and breaks) each day
Venue: The Father’s House, Bangsar Lutheran Church, Kuala Lumpur (Map/directions)
Attire: Dress comfortably so that you can move easily. This is a practical course with a lot of movement required. Track bottoms are recommended.
What to bring: A willingness to participate fully. All materials will be provided, along with lunch and refreshments over two days.
Language: English. Bahasa Malaysia available upon request.

Limited to 20 pax only for an optimum learning environment.

Who should come?

All are welcome. Whether young or old, families or individuals, fully-abled or differently-abled – as long as you have a willingness to learn and a heart to help, you should come for this course.

This is an open event, participants are not limited to Bangsar Lutheran Church members only – we are inviting and sponsoring members of our local community in Bukit Bangsar, as well as members of other churches to join us. You are welcome to invite your friends, neighbors and/or loved ones, too.

However, to ensure an optimum learning environment, we have been requested to limit the participation to 20 pax only. So please confirm your attendance early!


As this is a certification course, participants are required to attend BOTH days as well as pass BOTH the theory/written test and the practical test. Upon the successful completion of the course and passing of the tests, participants will be awarded the Certificate of Competency by the St. John’s Ambulance of Malaysia.

Participants who are pregnant or physically unable to undergo the practical test portion of the certification may be assessed separately, but may still achieve the Certificate of Competency.

All participants who complete BOTH days of the course will be awarded a Certificate of Participation/Attendance by the St. John’s Ambulance of Malaysia (regardless of whether they pass or fail the competency tests).

Course fees

RM80 per person only (includes materials, lunch and refreshments over two days)

The full course fee is actually RM250 per person, inclusive of materials, lunch and refreshments over two days. However, to encourage participation and ensure that more people are better equipped to save lives through First Aid, the church has agreed to subsidize costs so that each participant only pays RM80.

Therefore, we request that if you decide to sign up and participate in this course, please be sure to attend and participate fully. Otherwise, you will deprive someone else of a seat (as we are limited to 20 pax in total) and will also cost the church RM170 per person.

We are unfortunately not able to provide any refunds in the event of a cancellation. However, replacements are acceptable.

To Sign Up

  1. Please fill in the registration form here:
  2. Submit full payment of RM80/person by Sunday, 9 February 2014,
    • In person to Adeline Lim (Tel: +60 12 240 2811; email: rumahpapa[dot]admin[at]gmail[dot]com) by 9th February 2014;
    • Bank in to Bangsar Lutheran Church’s bank account (RHB Bank: Bangsar Lutheran Church. Acct. # 2-14277-00006185) and email your payment confirmation to

Please note: We are unable to confirm registration until full payment is made.

More information

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