John Cheah

Last Sunday, John spoke to us about being ambassador’s for Christ, in light of Christ The King/Reign of Christ Sunday (also known as Doom Sunday).

Speaking from this week’s scripture lessons, John said:

As we look forward to the end times, as we look forward to the coming of Christ, we may tend to be inward looking, preparing ourselves, to be ready when the Kingdom of God arrives here on earth. We may be sharing the good news (gospel) of Christ by pointing towards the future, a time when all will be well.

Only upon closer study of the Word of God did I realise that the Kingdom of God is already here on earth, since our Lord Jesus came for the first time, which we remember now when we celebrate Christmas. We as believers and followers of Christ represent that kingdom here on earth. We are the Ambassadors of Christ. His representatives while we are waiting for the second coming. We therefore have the responsibility to live as He lived. Luke 23:33-43 showed us how Jesus lived even at the last moments of His life, as an example to us. He forgave His enemies, and He gave hope to the ones with no hope.

In conclusion, as we have learnt an are still learning about ourselves, I.e. Our identity in Christ, our gifts, personalities, etc, we need to remember that we have been blessed to be a blessing. So, let’s use our “selfs” to represent Christ today.

Update: John has uploaded his slides here!

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