Saturday, 30 November 2013, 4pm
 Come together to decorate the church for Advent–Christmas.
 After decorating, we will serve a potluck + barbeque dinner.
Christmas Decorations:
  • Themed on “Boxes and gifts”
  • Progressive detailing
  • Advent Candles
  • BLC Family Christmas tree
Potluck Barbeque:
  • Church will sponsor some meat + food
  • All others are invited to bring their own food – for potluck as well as barbeque
  • Volunteer barbeque chefs are needed
  • Additional grills are also needed
  • There may be an attempt for spiced cider and/or Glühwein (highly limited quantities!)
This is an open event. Come join us!  
  1. Come and help make The Father’s House a home for Christmas, then spend some time with our BLC Family over dinner and grilled food! Please RSVP early with food/ingredient/grill/cooking contributions for 30 Nov
  2. If you would like to do something for Advent-Christmas services, please contact Pastor Augustin or Jason Goh!
  3. All events are open for all – please invite your friends and loved ones to join us!

BLC Advent-Christmas 2013

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