This morning, speaking from this week’s lectionary texts, Pastor Augustin shared with us about Eschatology and The Age To Come.

This week’s Old Testament reading talks about the Kingdom of God that is to come. Isaiah draws an idyllic picture of life where the reign of God is total and there is no pain, no sorrow, no poverty, no corruption, no loss. As Isaiah speaks to the people of Israel, he speaks of an age to come. We, too, look for that age to come. Our yearning for a time of bliss and peace is expressed every Sunday when we pray, Your kingdom come, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Yet when Jesus came, this Age to Come came crashing into our current age. Because of Jesus, we now live in two ages, two kingdoms as it were. We are citizens of the Kingdom of God as well as citizens here on Earth. Isaiah’s text gives us hope of the culmination of the Kingdom  of God here on earth. The Epistle text encourages an attitude of working, of giving our best, even as we wait for this fulfilment of Jesus’ reign here on earth. As we wait, we are not to be idle, but to unpack all that we are and all that we have as citizens of God’s kingdom to make a difference while we are here on this earth.

Jesus redeemed us, equipped us and empowered us so that we will be a blessing. We are ‘the bread that was broken, and the wine that was poured out’ to the people around us.

We are blessed in order to be a blessing.

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