We are well aware of the devastation left behind in the wake of super-typhoon “Haiyan” in the Philippines. The global community is responding to the various appeals for aid to the victims of this disaster.

This Sunday, we will also respond to the call for help and dedicate the whole of our Missions Offering to the victims of Haiyan.

Together with the Bishop’s Office and all Lutheran Church Malaysia (LCM) congregations, we will consolidate a relief fund and send it to the appropriate relief agencies.

If you are unable to come this Sunday to add to the relief funds through the Missions offering, here are other avenues to channel your support: 

Please continue to remember those who are suffering, especially those who lost their loved ones, in your prayers. There is a lot of devastation in the wake of Haiyan – many people, especially children and the elderly, have been left vulnerable to disease and sickness. There is also a great lack in terms of water and food – even as the world quickly rallies its response.

Lord have mercy on those who are suffering in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. Bring relief and comfort swiftly – and help us be your hands and feet to do this. Amen. 

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