Here’s the schedule for the BLC Church Camp 2013 – “Blessed To Be A Blessing”:

BLC Church Camp 2013 - Schedule
(Click for larger view)

Also, you might be wondering what the Breakout Sessions are on. It’s essentially learning tracks that cater to various needs and topics. You are free to choose one to attend – and you are also free to switch between topics from the first day to the next. The session leaders have designed them in modules so you don’t necessary need to attend both sessions if you want to enjoy more variety.

Here are the breakout session and their leaders:

  1. Johnben Loy: Will lead a session on Experiencing The Bible Inductively, which may be of particular interest to anyone wanting to learn about how to engage the Bible through experience rather than just reading and studying. This is designed for all ages and groups, but parents and Sunday School Teachers (including those who aspire to be parents and/or Sunday School Teachers) may find this particularly interesting.
  2. Mariah Loy: Will lead a session for those who prefer to “do something with their hands” – as a way to learn and fellowship. The activity will be designed to lead towards the Advent season as well – so if you’re the kind of person who prefers to keep your hands busy, this is the breakout session for you!
  3. Ling Sue Ann and Naomi Loy: Both have teamed up to do “something even more awesome” for youth and older children (They won’t tell me exactly what they will do – but they’ve promised us they won’t burn down the campsite… a good start). Suitable for ages 9-17 as well as the “young at heart” (but you must ask their permission if you want to join them and raise the median age considerably!).
  4. Pastor Augustin: Will lead a breakout session focusing on the Parables of Jesus and how it speaks to life, love and other mysteries
  5. Leigh: Will provide baby-sitting services (at the parents’ own risk! 😜) for younger children – where we will likely enjoy the awesomeness that is Veggie Tales – so that parents can go for the breakout sessions, or just enjoy some good ol’ adult conversation. Additional help/volunteers are welcome!

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