Just a reminder for this Friday 4 Oct 2013, where we will have our monthly #FirstFriday worship gathering. This month’s gathering is themed “A Song & A Story“.

Come on by to close the week at The Father’s House with just a round of storytelling, singing, listening and prayer.Here’s what we’re going to do:

1. Everyone is invited to pick a song to share.
It can be a hymn that we’ll sing or listen to together on YouTube.
It could be something you’ve written yourself and that we’ll be hearing for the very first time.

2. Tell a story about this song.
The best kind of story, of course, is your own. Tell us how the song you chose is a reminder of an important moment in your life, whether a time of crisis, despair, revelation, searching, or celebration.

Or you could even tell us the story of how the song came to be (especially if you wrote it yourself!). Many hymns have great stories behind them, too, and the lives of the writers who penned the powerful words and tunes have inspired great biographies and even a movie or two.

3. When each person has shared both their story and their song, she/he will state a prayer request.
It could be a matter directly related to the song/story, or it could be something else that the Holy Spirit has placed on your heart.

We will lift that matter up in prayer together before passing the time to the next person.

– – –

More information is available here.

This is an open event – so please feel free to invite your friends! A public Facebook Event Page has also been set up for you to share readily – click here.

See you tomorrow!

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