John Cheah

This morning, John shared with us from this week’s lectionary texts on the theme of “Our Calling”.

Have you ever wondered what we were called to do in our lives here on earth? (In addition to just living of course.)
I always wondered what was my “calling” from God.
Today’s reading from Jeremiah showed that God had a plan for him, and assured him that in spite of his apparent youth and perceived weaknesses, when God called him, God will equip and provide for him. Have you had that clear call from God? If you have, great! Go do God’s will. He will provide.
But what if you are still waiting for God’s specific call for you? What do you do in the meantime?
Today’s gospel reading from Luke actually showed Jesus healing a woman in a synagogue who had an ailment and could not stand straight for eighteen years, but He did it on the Sabbath! Boy was the local leader mad! How could Jesus break the current law of the day? That is to not work on the Sabbath? Is the Sabbath not important to him?
Jesus scolded the leader and his followers, saying that even they themselves will untie their oxen and lead them to the water on a Sabbath, what more freeing a woman from pain. Showing compassion is not work, and is definitely more important.
Therefore, while we are in search mode for our specific callings, hear the general call of God to love Him and love others at every opportunity.
That is what we can do today!

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