Greetings! The Pre-teens Sunday School began at BLC today with an exploration into… Greetings: from verbal and non-verbal greetings across cultures around the world, to the different greetings found in the Bible.

We learned why we share the peace of God at BLC on Sundays as a congregational greeting; we learned about each other’s names, ages, schools, and favourite flavours of ice cream; and then we greeted each other with a holy kiss. >.<

Just kidding!

But we did learn about that in the Bible. Last but not least, we also learned the proper way to shake hands by watching this excellent instructional video:

Join us every 2nd and 4th Sunday as we explore our world,  the world of the Bible, and become BLC BFFs with one another.

We are 9 through 12 year-old girls, boys, and camels. Be there or be… just be there. 😀

We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment.

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